Lecture and Exam schedule

EE382 Course Outline - Winter Quarter 1998/99

6-Jan 1   Introduction and outline
8-Jan 2   Cycle time and optimal pipelining
11-Jan 3   High speed clocking
13-Jan 4   Area models
15-Jan 5   Baseline processor area
20-Jan 6   AT arithmetic
22-Jan 7   AT storage
25-Jan 8   Multimedia I
27-Jan 9   Multimedia II
29-Jan 10   Cache models and basic memory
1-Feb 11   Basic queue models
3-Feb 12   Closed queue models
5-Feb 13   Mixed queues and interleaved caches
8-Feb 14   Multimedia and vector processors
10-Feb 15   Midterm exam (in class)
12-Feb 16   Comparisons
15-Feb 17   Multiprocessors
17-Feb 18   Shared bus MP
19-Feb 19   Scalable MP
22-Feb 20   MP networks
24-Feb 21   Interconnect network analysis
26-Feb 22   I/O and network basics
1-Mar 23   I/O and network queuing models
3-Mar 24   Striping and synchronized disk access
5-Mar 25   Disk array concurrency I
8-Mar 26   Disk array concurrency II
10-Mar   27   Review
15-Mar   Final Exam (8:30-11:30 a.m.)
Class is held MWF 10:00-10:50, in Gates room B03.
Festival Friday sessions held at 4:15 pm in Skilling 191 (televised, E1). These lectures consist of discussion, problem sessions, review for exams, and occasional guest lectures.

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