Problem Set #2

Chapter 2: Problems 11-14 and below. Due Friday, January 22.

In class we discussed the FUPA that for floating point units there were a spectrum of ``good'' designs that satisfied AF TF = KF, where AF is the chip area used by the floating point unit, TF is the excess delay (in cycles) due to floating point latency, and KF is a constant.

Suppose we could show that a similar concept exists for cache. That is,

Ac Tc2 = Kc

where Ac is the cache area and Tc is the excess delay (in cycles) due to cache misses.

For a given fixed area A (A= Ac +AF), find an allocation of Ac and AF which minimizes T, where T= TF +Tc. Your expression will be in terms of KF, Kc, and A.

Do not attempt to reduce the solution to simple terms.

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