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Marine animals through time

Stanford researchers make discovery in animal functional diversity

The finding refutes a hypothesis by the famed evolutionary biologist Stephen J. Gould that marine creatures underwent an "early burst" of functional diversity during the dawn of animal life.

Stanford Professor Ian Morris

Humanity is turning into a 'different kind of animal,' Stanford historian says

Stanford classics Professor Ian Morris says that in the 21st century our cultural evolution is feeding back into our biological evolution. The result may be technologically enhanced "post-humans" as far removed from us as we are from Neanderthals.  

Student with parents / Photo: L.A. Cicero

Family members sample student life during Stanford Parents' Weekend

More than 3,800 family members visited campus for Parents' Weekend, roaming the campus to share in dozens of activities that offered a sampler of student life.  Slideshow

Tattered fragment of papyrus with writing. / Courtesy Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

Stanford fellow delves into archival materials that shed new light on the early days of Islam

Humanities Center fellow and historian of Islam Fred Donner builds on his theories about the diverse religious origins of Islam through an intensive study and translation of previously neglected or unknown documents from the seventh century.