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Graduating senior athletes

High marks for Stanford in NCAA graduation report

The Stanford University department of athletics registered an overall graduation rate of 98 percent in the latest Graduation Success Rate (GSR) report released by the NCAA.

jack o' lanterns / L.A. Cicero

Halloween reflects re-enchantment with the world, Stanford anthropologist says

Tanya Luhrmann says that Halloween's most remarkable feature is that it suggests just how safe the supernatural has become.

Translation graphic

Stanford system combines software with human intelligence to improve translation

Using software to suggest word choices makes professional translators more productive in the $34-billion-a-year market for foreign language translation.

Colin Bucks / Courtesy Colin Bucks

Treating Ebola patients in Liberia: A Stanford physician's story

Dr. Colin Bucks, who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Liberia, said the local caregivers were his heroes because of their determination in the face of daily threat of deisease.