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Educators and child talk in Rwanda, Africa

Reading in Rwanda

A new Stanford study delves into the reading climate in Rwanda and examines what methods work to foster literacy in rural Africa.

Man undergoing brain scan

Stanford scientists seek to map origins of mental illness

An interdisciplinary team of scientists has convened to map the origins of mental illnesses in the brain and develop noninvasive technologies to treat the conditions.  Video

duelers in silhouette / Mike H/Shutterstock

Laws may be ineffective if they don't reflect social norms, Stanford scholar says

Stanford economist Matthew O. Jackson says that laws that ignore social norms may backfire, whether the issue is taxes in 2014 or deadly duels in France in 1626.

Businessman holding symbol of Japanese yen

Too early to judge Japan's economic strategy, Stanford economist says

Though some signs point to Japan falling into recession, Stanford economist Takeo Hoshi disagrees and says it is premature to judge the effectiveness of Japan's new approach to its economy.