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Wapichana field researchers measure trees

Stanford scientists team with indigenous people to study carbon

By teaching basic ecology field work techniques to indigenous groups in the Amazon, Stanford researchers find that satellite measurements of rainforests underestimate the region's carbon storage potential.

DNA double-helix / vitstudio/Shutterstock

Stanford bioengineers develop tool for reprogramming genetic code

By selectively manipulating how DNA issues biological commands, Stanford bioengineers have developed a tool that could prove useful in future gene therapies.

closeup of chips, beer and remote with gridiron in the background / Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock

Super Bowl ads not profitable for competing brands, Stanford scholar says

A Stanford study finds that Super Bowl television commercials for beer and soda may generate sales, but when two major brands of the same type run competing ads, the sales benefits disappear.

illustration of scholars from 13th-century Arabic manuscript / Wikimedia Commons

Stanford scholar explores Arabic obsession with language

Comparative literature professor Alexander Key finds that the Arab world had a head start on the West when it comes to understanding how language works.