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Students working on their calligraphy /Photo: Veronica Marian

Stanford freshmen create medieval-inspired artifacts for the 21st century

Students in SIMILE, an intensive year-long humanities program with a focus on the history of science, put handmade ink to handmade paper to recreate the ancient manuscript process.  Video

Warning sign on beach. Photo: Cara Smith/Heal the Bay

Stanford study shows ways to improve public health at beaches

Thanks to new Stanford research, an affordable, easy-to-implement system can provide significantly more accurate information on coastal water contamination to better protect public health.

Toddler throwing a ball to a researcher/Photo: Chia-wa Yeh

Altruism is not simply innate, Stanford study finds

By recreating a classic experiment, Stanford psychologists find that altruistic behavior may be governed more by relationships, even brief ones, than instincts.

Russ Altman

Stanford to host 100-year study on artificial intelligence

Stanford University will lead a 100-year effort to study the long-term implications of artificial intelligence in all aspects of life.