Stanford Aikido Club
Stanford Aikido Club

2015 Summer Quarter

Summer classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the Studio at Arillaga Center for Sports and Recreation.

Mon Wed Fri
1:05 - 2:05pm
ACSR Studio (Cyndy)
1:05 - 2:05pm
ACSR Studio (John)
3:30 - 5:00pm
ACSR Studio

Exceptions: Aug. 29 - Sep. 13, ACSR will be closed for renovation. We might have classes outside. No class on Labor Day, Sept. 7.

Fridays, during the summer, we might not have much attendance. Check first on the mailing list if you want to be sure someone else will be there.

Note that during the regular school year, there are also classes Tuesday and Thursday, typically in the Wrestling Room in the basement of Arrillaga Family Sports Center 12 - 1pm.

Students! Aikido can count as a class for you.

Register for "Athletic 3M Aikido". In order to receive credit you will need to attend at least 20 hours, which works out to about twice per week. There is no minimum attendence requirement if you are not attending for credit, but dues of $25/quarter are expected in either case (special fees cover the difference between this at the dues rate listed on our Club Information page). Attendence of once per week should be a personal minimum, and three times per week is generally accepted as a good level in most martial arts, in order to progress. Dues for non-undergrads can be found on the Club Information page. There is no charge to try some classes, but we do ask that you fill out a waiver. If you decide to attend regularly, you will want to purchase a gi, which will cost roughly $30 - $50.

Spring 2013 Demo on White Plaza

View photos from a recent class.

View photos from a 2011 seminar that included Doran Sensei

Beginners Welcome Anytime!

Please feel free to drop by and observe or particpate in any class. The first few weeks of the quarter are usually best as there are many beginners at that time, but really, you may start taking classes at any point. If you would like to participate, and you have the time before you arrive, please print and sign our waiver. It will save time just before class for introductions and stretching.

Stanford Student Waiver

Non-Student Waiver

If you have meeting or class that overlaps with our starting time, please feel free to come in and quietly observe. After class, let us know about your scheduling situation and we'll do our best to work something out. The only way to learn aikido is to participate. However, you may also find a discussion of the principles of aikido to be helpful in understanding what is happening on the mat. We look forward to training with you!

January Demo 2013