Control center of the SAGE air defense system, the first real-time computerized military system.

The SiliconBase Classroom The SiliconBase Classroom

A major goal of the Information Technology & Society Project is to make our digital library and its associated software tools widely available to teachers and researchers. The courseware section currently includes example projects created by both teachers and students in classes that have used SiliconBase.

Digital Readers.
Digital Readers are designed so that students may download course readings from the web. Paul Edwards' History of Computers and Tim Lenoir's Science and Technology in Silicon Valley are excellent examples designed by SiliconBase staff. David Rodowick at the University of Rochester has also published an interesting reader for his course entitled Digital Culture.

Student Work.
Student projects emphasize the possibilities of using information technology itself to study the digital age. Over the past two years students at Stanford have worked with SiliconBase materials to develop fascinating research projects on topics ranging from compuphobia to the economics of high technology.

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