SiliconBase Collection Samples

A handwritten note sent by a young William Hewlett to his mentor Frederick Terman in 1935, one of the many archival documents found in SiliconBase.

Collection Samples

Bill Gates sets the
precedent for software
as intellectual property

In this letter a dismayed Gates chides the Homebrew Computer Club for using and distributing his BASIC interpreter without payment.

Where did Silicon Valley
get its name?

Before Don C. Hoefler's "Silicon Valley, U.S.A." column appeared in a 1971 issue of the Electronic News, locals referred to the land stretching from San Jose, California to Palo Alto, Ca. as the Santa Clara Valley. It doesn't have quite the same ring.

The Apple Ad

If you missed the Super Bowl in 1984, you also missed what is arguably one of the most influential television ads in recent history. Don't make the same mistake twice. (NOTE: This is a 6.8 Mb Quicktime movie.)

The Mouse, circa 1968

The Mouse's tale stretches further than most of us realize (don't try this at home). Here users will find a clip of the mouse's debut with Douglas Engelbart (its inventor) as your host. (NOTE: This is a 768 Kb Quicktime movie.)

The Electronic Battlefield

Time and The Economist have recently run cover stories on the future of warfare in a wired world. General William C. Westmoreland made similar prognostications in this 1969 speech to the Association of the U.S. Army.

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