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Control center of the SAGE air defense system, the first real-time computerized military system.

Web Workshop

The Web Workshop facilitates the use of SiliconBase and other World Wide Web Resources. Here users will find pointers to web software, a list of on-line dictionaries and encyclopedias, and a searchable database of sites in science & technology studies, as well as information on how you and your organization can contribute material to SiliconBase.

Access the ITSP's collection of links or search other link databases on the web.
Netscape provides a comprehensive list of search services, including Alta Vista, Excite, and Yahoo
Browse and search a collection of helpful science & technology studies links managed by ITSP staff. | No frames versions

Reference Materials: A number of sites host reference materials which are useful for general scholarship & research. We like the following:
encyclopediaThe Encyclopedia Britannica contains useful explanations of scientific phenomena and technical developments.

Software: The ITSP strongly encourages users to download the following software to enhance the SiliconBase viewing experience:
Netscape Navigator 2.0 or greater.
Netscape's browsers allow users to access many SiliconBase resources, such as Guided Tours and search engines, which use Netscape's "frame" technology.
Adobe Acrobat's Amber allows users to view PDF documents through a Netscape browser.

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