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Supplemental Material 

Supplemental Material Explanation

On each of the belt requirement pages are listed a number of supplemental techniques and/or supplemental basics. This material was not taught when Stanford Kenpo was part of the Stanford PE class criteria and (in the past) was not required learning material.

What is the Supplemental Material?

This material consists of a number of techniques which are not required in order for a student to obtain a belt rank through the Stanford Kenpo Karate Club. It also consists of a number of basics which were not formalized (i.e. written down) in the PE course curriculum. Generally, the materials are taught either directly or through indirect means (i.e. Kata or osmosis).

[F'2002] The Supplemental Material will now be taught as students progress through the belt ranks.

Is the Supplemental Material Required?

The supplemental techniques are not requirements for a student to obtain a belt rank through the Stanford Kenpo Karate Club.

Students should be able to perform the supplemental basics.

[F'2002] Blue belt and above students are now required to be able to execute and teach all supplemental techniques.

Where did this Material come from?

The source for the required and supplemental material come from the same place. Together they represent most of the material which were required by Mr. Martin to obtain a belt rank.

When the Kenpo club/class was formed at Stanford, the material taught had to fit within the Stanford University quarter system. To do this is was necessary that some of Mr. Martin's material be set aside.

The material is noted in these web pages for completeness as well as historical reasons.

Why should anyone learn this material?

Students participating in the Stanford Kenpo Club do so on an extra-curricular basis; this is not a PE class for credit. They participate in the club for many reasons, some are not related to the sole goal of obtaining a belt. They do so either because they have a desire to enhance there ability to defend themselves, or because of their interest, exploration, and love for the art. The supplemental material enhances this experience by providing the student alternative insites into how to approach a self-defense situation, and by allowing the student to probe into the history of our art.

As with the supplemental basic's, students already learn many of the techniques and movements through required kata's and through osmosis. They just don't know of a name to associate to the movement.

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