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Belt Requirements 

Kenpo Orange Belt Requirements               [Printable PDF Version]


  1. Flapping wing A, B
  2. Releasing the vise -- A, B, C
  3. Twisting the jaws
  4. Striking key
  5. Descending arrow A
  6. Arrows from the sky
  7. Chopping bamboo B
  8. Tangled wings
  9. Wounded paws
  10. Hand of the dragon

  • Stance Set
  • Short Kata form I

  • Snap kick/rear kick combination
  • Snap/wheel kick
  • Three-way kick
  • Chicken kick
  • Snap kick, step forward punch
  • Simultaneous kick/punch, step back punch
  • Inward block, outward block, chop
  • Back Fall
  • Side Fall
Supplemental Techniques

Supplemental Basics

  • Snap/Knife-Edge Kick Combination
  • Snap Kick, Step-Forward
  • Step-Forward Punch (or double punch)
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