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Belt Requirements 

Kenpo Yellow Belt Requirements               [Printable PDF Version]


  1. Capturing Paws A
  2. Sharpening the Blade A, B
  3. Escape of the Lamb A
  4. Chopping bamboo A
  5. Evading the Samurai
  6. Grasping Honor B
  7. Entering the shrine A
  8. Hidden sword A
  9. Twisted Wing A

  • Stances (Square Horse, Rear Horse)
  • Step, Cross Step, Hidden-foot, Shuffle Step
  • Strikes: Punch, Half-fist, Palm, Hammerfist, backknuckle, raking backknuckle
  • Chops: speed chop, locking chop, ridge hand
  • Inward block
  • Vertical outward block
  • Upward block
  • (Outward) Downward block
  • Extended outward block
  • Snap kick
  • Rear kick
  • Knife-edge kick
  • Side kick
  • Wheel kick
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