(Version 1/8/02 by T Shem)



1. CAPTURING PAWS, "A" variation, (Bear hug from behind with your arm pinned).

a. Step off to the left side and punch forward with your right to loosen the bear hug.

b. Strike with right elbow back to the man's solarplexus and right hammer-fist to the man's groin

c. Cover out.


2. SHARPENING THE BLADE, "A" variation, (His left hand grabs your right shoulder from the front).

a. Step back with your left foot as you pin his hand with your left hand and break his arm at the elbow with your right arm in an inward block motion.

b. Smother with your right arm into his forearm to clear and follow with a right speed chop to his throat.

c. Cover out.


3. ESCAPE OF THE LAMB, "A" variation, (Two Hand Choke from the rear)

a. Left hidden foot, bend low, duck your head and strike the attacker's groin with a left chop.

b. Pivot into a square horse facing him with a right ridgehand sword to the groin.

c. Cover out.


4. CHOPPING BAMBOO, "A" variation, (Two men, each grabs a shoulder from the side)

a. With your left hand, pin attacker's hand to your right shoulder. Right foot steps as you strike with a right speed chop to the man's throat.

b. Right cross-step and pivot into a horse, striking the second attacker's neck or face with a palm-up locking chop.

c. Cover out.


5. EVADING THE SAMURAI (Right punch)

a. Step to your left "evading" the punch, and at the same time execute a right extended outward block.

b. Execute a right wheel kick into the man's groin, midsection, or face.

c. Cover out.


6. GRASPING HONOR, "B" variation, (Right squeezing handshake)

a. With your left hand, slap the handshake high, away and to the right and at the same time as you step to your left

b. Execute a right knife-edge kick into the opponent's right knee.

c. Cover out.


7. ENTERING THE SHRINE (Bear hug from the front, arms free)

a. Step forward with your left foot. Reach behind the attacker and grab the hair, eyes or nose with your left hand and pull his head back and down to expose the throat.

b. Follow with a right half-fist into the throat.

c. Cover out.


8. HIDDEN SWORD, "A" variation, (Low lapel grab pulling in)

a. As he pulls you to him, step forward with your right foot as you also pin his hands to you with your left hand and right hand sword to the man's groin.

b. Raise the right arm in the same manner as you would in cocking an inward block. Right raking backknuckle across the man's nose which moves from your right side to your left side.

c. Follow with a right speed chop to the man's throat.

d. Cover out.


9. TWISTED WING, "A" variation, (Rear arm lock of your right arm by his right, palm up)

a. Step back with your left foot and take a left elbow strike to his left temple or face. Counter-grab his right wrist with your right hand.

b. Left cross-step forward and pivot around to face the man in a left rear horse as you twist his wrist clockwise. Keep control of his wrist as you take a left snap kick into the ribs or solar plexus. Plant forward with your left foot in front of the man's legs.

c. Pivot into a horse, breaking the right elbow with your left forearm as your right hand pulls up and straightens his right arm.

d. Cover out.