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Beginners will learn basic blocks, kicks, strikes, self defense techniques, forms and be introduced to sparring. Continuing students will have an opportunity to earn belt ranks.

Meeting Times

Mondays and Wednesdays: 6:30pm - 8:30pm in Burnham Pavilion
Saturday: 10am - Noon(For advanced students. Optional for beginners) in the Ford Center (the same building as Burnham)

Burnham Pavilion is located at 615 Serra Street, in the back of the Ford Center, at the corner of Serra & Galvez.( [campus map]   [google map]) Enter through the doors of Ford Center, go straight down the hallway to the gym at the back of the building. Look for the people with the black uniforms (gis). Note that you will need a Stanford ID in order to enter the gym. If you do not have a Stanford ID, please contact us if you plan on attending so that we can make proper arrangements for entry.

Weeknight workouts are centered around small groups of similarly skilled students. Saturday workouts are centered around individual student needs.

Club Email Distribution List

The club email distribution list is our primary means for distributing club information, schedule/location changes, social activities and other important information.

Club Constitution

The Club Constitution document (MS word doc) can be seen here.

Club Waiver

Everyone attending SKKA classes is required to have read and signed a copy of the club wavier. A copy of the club wavier is available here.


Ms. Minneti

Barbara Minneti, Head Instructor
Ms. Minneti, an eighth degree black belt, has been studying Kenpo Karate since 1969. Her rank in Aiki Ju-jitsu and Kenpo are recognized by the United States National Karate Association (USNKA) and American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts (ATAMA).

Mr. Shem

Tom Shem, Master Instructor
Mr. Shem, a sixth degree black belt, has been studying Martial arts since 1974. In addition to Kenpo Karate, he has also studied Judo, Jujitsu, and kick-boxing. He is also a member of USNKA and ATAMA.

Mr. VanVleck

Kenneth Van Vleck, Master Instructor
Mr. Van Vleck began with Stanford Associated Martial Arts (SAMA) in 1987. He is now recognized by the Stanford Kenpo Karate Association as a fifth degree black belt. His rank is also certified by ATAMA.

Mr. Stein
Gregory Stein, Senior Instructor
Mr. Stein, a third degree black belt, started with Stanford Kenpo as a freshman in 1987. Since then, he has also studied Jujitsu, Tai Chi Chuan, Tang Soo Do, Muay Thai, and Eskrima.
Mr. Neivert
Robert Neivert, Senior Instructor
Mr. Neivert started with Stanford Kenpo as a junior in 1990 and was awarded his black belt in 2001. Mr. Neivert is a Third degree black belt.
Mr. Trowbridge
David Trowbridge, Senior Instructor
Mr. Trowbridge began studying American Kenpo in Colorado in 1995. He joined Stanford Kenpo as a Second degree black belt in 2008. Mr. Trowbridge is currently a Third degree black belt.
Ms. Gedraitis
Paula (Rickert) Gedraitis, Senior Instructor
Ms. Gedraitis started with Stanford Kenpo as a graduate student in 1993.  Prior to Kenpo, she also briefly studied Judo.   She was awarded her black belt in 2001.
Mr. Littlefield
Jay Littlefield, Senior Instructor
Mr. Littlefield started with Stanford Kenpo as a graduate student in the spring of 1994. He was awarded his black belt in 2006.
Mr. Gupta
Wade Gupta, Senior Instructor
After initially exploring Kenpo in Southern CA, Mr. Gupta began studying in earnest as an undergraduate at Stanford in 1999. He earned his black belt in 2009 and is now ranked as 2nd degree.
Mr. Boyle
Rob Boyle, Senior Instructor
Mr. Boyle began studying with Stanford Kenpo Karate as an undergraduate in 2002. In addition to Kenpo, he has also dabbled in Tae kwon do and American Boxing. SKKA recognized him as a black belt in 2010.
Ms. Baker
Vanessa Baker, Senior Instructor
Ms. Baker began practicing with Stanford Kenpo shortly after her graduation from Stanford in 2005. She earned her black belt with great enthusiasm in January, 2013.


As with all club sports, quarterly fees are $50 for students/faculty/staff. Quarterly fees for non-Stanford affiliate members is $100. Make checks payable to ASSU Stanford Kenpo Karate Association and indicate your Stanford I.D. on the check (if you have one). Checks are greatly preferred, but cash is accepted.


Club members are required to wear a karate uniform (gi) to all classes. Prospective club members may wear loose pants and a plain t-shirt for the first few sessions. Men are required to wear an athletic cup and a mouthpiece is mandatory for all students when sparring. The cost of the uniform is $50 and includes a uniform (gi) with belt, mouthpiece, and club T-shirt. Cash or checks are accepted. Athletic cups are available at most athletic stores and should be purchased by the student.

Stanford Facilities Schedules

If you wish to practice Kenpo on your own outside of class, here are some links to Stanford Facilities Schedules. The web version is not always up to date, so be sure to check at each facility for additional hours.

Advertisement Posters

Advertisement posters for the Kenpo Karate Club can be found here.

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