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Women's Self-Defense Workshop

The SKKA produces and sponsors an annual Women's Self-Defense Workshop (or bi-annual if there is sufficient interest). This seminar is provided at limited cost to the community. It strives to provide participants with a framework to understand better ways for self-protection and defense. Participants have a chance to practice with others in a safe and supportive group environment. [more info]

Frequently Asked Questions

We refer the questioner to the Martial Arts FAQ maintained on the web for answers to broad questions about Martial Arts. It is a fair representation of answers to many common questions about Martial Arts. We provide answers specific to the Stanford Kenpo Karate Club here


The following article was published in the "Stanford Daily" on May 13,1994: By day it is a regular basketball court, but every Monday and Wednesday night Roble gym is transformed into a room where entrants bow before stepping in. During these times, the gym serves as the dojo for Stanford Kenpo Karate, a club sport established on campus more than 15 years ago. [continued...]

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