Windows 95 Networking FAQ

If like most people you don't care about the history or future of the FAQ, then just read it or jump to the most popular section, TCP/IP (Internet) Issues.

I started building this FAQ nearly two years ago because I knew very little about Windows networking, and believed that creating a forum for qualified people to discuss problems would be the best way to learn about supporting an operating system that was heading towards Stanford like a load of bricks.

It worked. People actually started to refer to me as a leading expert in Win95 networking, which was good for a laugh, especially since there was some truth to it.

That's all I expected to gain from the exercise, and that's all I got. Now it's over. As of this writing, I have hardly touched the FAQ for over a year, and I have been actively recruiting people to take over maintenance for 19 months. No one has done so; I guess they realize there's no profit in it.

This FAQ is shareware. Share it with whoever might benefit from it. Share anything else you might have with the world. If you think it's something worth maintaining (at the very least, the dozens of broken links should be fixed), then do it. I hate to see it die, but I'm done with it; I've got bigger fish to fry.

If you want to "contribute" something, then I'd suggest finding John Ball, who I believe owes us some money, or reading about Padgett's nightmare. And always do the right thing.