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The Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance (ISSN 1078-8794) is a semi-annual publication edited and operated by students at Stanford Law School. The Journal seeks articles that address practical legal issues prevalent in the worlds of business and finance. Articles selected for publication provide valuable insight into matters of broad intellectual and practical concern to the legal and business communities and meet the quality standards of the Journal's editorial committee.


The Journal is published twice a year. Subscriptions are $40.00 per year (please add 8.25 percent sales tax in California, $5.00 postage in Canada and $8.00 postage anywhere else outside the United States). All subscriptions are for the volume year, and will be renewed automatically unless the subscriber provides timely notice of cancellation. Subscribers should inform the Journal of any change of address at least six weeks before the publication date and include both the old and new addresses, including zip codes.


The Journal accepts advertisements. For rate information, please contact the Editor-In-Chief, contact information on the homepage.


Copyright 2003 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University. All rights reserved. No claim of copyright is made for official U.S. or state government statutes, rules, or regulations. For permission to reprint an article or any portion thereof, please address a written request to the Journal.


The Journal accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal cannot be returned unless accompanied by return postage and handling fees. The Journal reserves the right to make all decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of an article for publication. All editing decisions reside with the Journal's editorial board. Authors whose articles are selected for publication will be required to transfer all rights to the production and publication of the article to the Journal and Stanford University.


The Journal's citations generally conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (17th ed. 2000), copyright by the Columbia Law Review Association, the Harvard Law Review Association, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal.


As the Journal's focus is primarily toward practical application, authors should attempt to limit article length to 6,000 words (not including footnotes, graphs, tables, or figures).

For information concerning submissions, subscriptions, advertisements, requirements specific to each of the Journal's sections, and the Journal's editorial policy please contact us.




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