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Joining the Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance

Who is eligible to join, and how are members selected?

Membership in the Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance is limited to law students who are selected on the basis of their performance on an editing exercise, which is offered each September. Stanford Law School students interested in joining the Journal may complete the exercise when it is offered in the September of their first, second or third year. Students may also contact the Executive Staff to arrange to take the exam at another time during the year. Grades are not a factor in the selection process. In recent years, between 15 and 25 students have been invited to join the Journal per year.

Must I have a background in business or economics?

No. While many members have already demonstrated an interest in business prior to joining the Journal, others have little or no related background, but have become involved so as to increase their understanding of issues relevant to corporate lawyers. We encourage all current Stanford Law School students to consider becoming a part of the Journal.

What responsibilities does membership entail?

Candidates who accept membership offers must serve a minimum of one full-year commitment to the Journal. During their first year on the Journal, members are part of editing teams that substantively edit, bluebook and proofread the content that goes into the Journal.

What leadership positions are available?

At the end of the first year, several members will be invited by the Executive Staff to become Article Editors, who lead editing teams. At that time, members are also eligible to run for Executive Staff positions, including Business Manager, Submissions Editor, Senior Editor, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief, in elections in which each member is permitted to vote. Students in their third year of membership may serve on the Student Advisory Board.

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