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Tai Chi and Wushu Club

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Welcome to the Stanford University Tai Chi and Wushu Club's home page. This club is dedicated to the practice of Chinese Martial Arts. The Stanford Tai Chi instructor is Gregory Hoffman. (Last year's instructor was Howard Chuck, who also teaches Tai Chi at the Academy of Tai Chi and Wushu.) The Wushu instructors are Phillip Wong (former US Wushu Team member) and Zhang Hong Mei (former Beijing Wushu Team member), who also teach at the Pacific Wushu Academy.

Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi classes are no longer available for course credit. This page has the schedule for all the martial arts classes which are no longer offered for credit. For Fall 99, the class schedule for Tai Chi is:

LevelDay TimeLocation
BeginningMondays 2:25-3:25Roble 33
Intermediate/AdvancedMondays 3:15-5:15Roble 33
There is a $75/quarter fee for these classes.

Wushu ClassesNew!

For the latest information, please go to our new website at http://www.stanford.edu/group/wushu/ . These classes are organized by the club and are not offered for course credit. Anyone may attend. For the Summer 1999 quarter, classes are over. For the Fall 1999 quarter, classes will start on Friday, September 24, although you may join any time (earlier is better, of course). On the first day of class, we will have a demonstration including current club members, the instructors, and guests. You are welcome to come to any class to try it out.

LevelDay TimeLocation
All levelsMonday3:30-5:30 pm Roble Gym
All levelsFriday4:30-6:30 pm
Roble Gym
Fee: $80/quarter for Stanford students, $150/quarter for non-Stanford students.

If you don't know what wushu is, you can read about it here. To subscribe to the wushu mailing list, email majordomo@lists.stanford.edu with the text "subscribe stanford_wushu" (without the quotes) in the body of the message.

Here's a picture of us at a club dinner at Gombei during Autumn '98. Sorry, TJ, I just couldn't edit out your cool space ears!

Congratulations to those who competed in the 3rd Annual Collegiate Wushu Competition at UC Irvinve on February 13, 1999! Results are posted at the UC Irvine Wushu Team website.

More Club Information


* History of Tai Chi Chuan
A brief account of the history and tradition of Tai Chi Chuan, and a list of references.

* Stretching Exercises
Basic stretching exercises to be practiced daily and before Tai Chi or Wushu workouts.

* Practicing Tai Chi Chuan
Outline of the elements in Tai Chi practice

* Practicing Wushu
The elements of Wushu practice

* Simplified Yang Style Tai Chi Set
A simplified (24 movements) version of the traditional Yang Sytle Tai Chi Chuan form.

* Chen Style Tai Chi Set
List of elements of the Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan form.

* Tai Chi Sword Form
Description of a Tai Chi Chuan Sword form.

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Other Wushu Pages

If you'd like some more information about Wushu, you can find it at:

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