"Charles I. Jones lays out 40 years of work on growth economics in a clear, compact, civilized package. You get theory, you get facts, and you get a picture of what it's all about, in a form very suitable for undergraduates. It is a good way to start integrating macro and micro."
-- Robert M. Solow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"At last, someone has shown that the entire scope of the modern theory of growth can be brought into the undergraduate classroom. Chad Jones has written a wonderful introduction to the subject, one that takes the reader to the frontier of current research."
-- Paul Romer, Stanford University

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Charles I. Jones Introduction to Economic Growth, ISBN 0-393-97174-0 / 200 pages / cloth


  1. Introduction: The Facts of Economic Growth
  2. The Solow Model
  3. Empirical Applications of Neoclassical Growth Models
  4. The Economics of Ideas
  5. The Engine of Growth
  6. A Simple Model of Growth and Development
  7. Infrastructure and Long-Run Economic Performance
  8. Alternative Theories of Endogenous Growth
  9. Understanding Economic Growth

Appendix A: Mathematical Review

Appendix B: Data on Economic Growth