So, I try to have this as much as possible. Actually, my family is the most fun I have - read about them in the links left. But besides that I also enjoy reading, doing puzzles, going on car rallyes, calligraphy, going to movies, traveling, writing poetry, and going to church. I have now read the Bible in its entirety twice!

Some day I want to become an Illuminator, in the grand traditions of the earliest Bibles. Above is the Book of Hours, Valencia, c. 1460

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Places I've been (I wanted to keep track somewhere)

  1. England (x3)
  2. Wales
  3. Poland
  4. Germany (x3)
  5. Czechoslovakia (prior to break up,would be Czech Republic and Slovakia now)
  6. Hungary
  7. East Germany (prior to 1981)
  8. Romania
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Italy (x3)
  11. Turkey
  12. Switzerland
  13. Austria
  14. Greece
  15. Yugoslavia (prior to break up; would equal: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia and Macedonia now)
  16. France (x3)
  17. Liberia
  18. Sierra Leone
  19. Ivory Coast
  20. Belgium
  21. Netherlands
  22. Australia (x2)
  23. Jamaica (x2)
  24. Canada (x5)
  25. Mexico (x3)
  26. All U.S. states except Alaska
  27. Singapore (x3)
  28. India (x4)
  29. Kenya
  30. Tanzania
  31. Ireland
  32. Scotland
  33. Malaysia
  34. Lesotho
  35. South Africa
  36. Spain