I support the Prakash Lab and all of their cool projects - read more about it on the Prakash Lab Website.
Previous Projects
Stanford University
Stanford Biodesign
I was last seen there as Sr. Associate Director. Projects included several websites: biodesign.stanford.edu, ebiodesign.org, bmesource.org, bme-idea.org. I also helped run the global programs and was responsible for communications.
Media Solutions
I was last seen there as Executive Director. Prior to that I was Director of Web and Courseware Development. This organization is part of the larger Learning Technology & Extended Education initiative at Stanford to bring academic content to media in new and exciting ways. One project there was the Alliance for Lifelong Learning (Alllearn.org) which created online courseware for alumni of Yale, Stanford and Oxford Universities.
I've put together a presentation on Accessibility that was part of the Continuing Studies Class on Web Sites That Work
Web Services
My primary project is to create sites for organizations around campus. You can see an example set of my sites.
SIG on webmastering
I chaired Special Interest Group at WWW7 - in Australia in April of 1998 on webmastering.
Tutorial on University Webmastering
The AusWeb folks graciously asked that I put together a tutorial to present at AusWeb '97 on the challenges of running a University web. The tutorial was presented on Saturday, July 5, 1997 at the Conrad Jupiters (Gold Coast).
Report on the 5th International World Wide Web Conference has been published.
The conference, held in Paris, France in May 1996 was a wonderful opportunity to meet with the webmasters of the world!
Redesign of the Stanford Web
As a member of the Stanford Web Redesign Task Force I created a set of slides showing the background and concepts behind the redesign.
Report on the 4th International World Wide Web Conference is now available.
I attended the conference and has written a report on myyattendance. I also presented a poster paper, the original paper, on which the poster was based, is called Elements of Style for Web Design.
Kansai Institute On-Line Scrapbook
When the Kansai Institute for Information Sciences visited Stanford University, I was asked to put together a web scrapbook of their trip to the U.S.
Web Presence Providers
At the request of folks around campus, I am maintaining a list of Web Presence Providers that are available for hire to Stanford groups.
A proposal was accepted by Sun Microsystems to provide Stanford with hardware to put a Sunsite on the net. Other Sunsites include University of No. Carolina and Syracuse University. The Stanford Sunsite features on-line information for Stanford Alums, Community Health Projects, the SLAC BaBar project as well as other interesting Stanford pointers.
Second International World Wide Web Paper
A paper was presented at WWW Conference in Chicago, October, 1994. The paper can be read here.
Web Page standardization
In an attempt to make Stanford's web pages have a similar look and feel, a document has been created to suggest standards that webmasters might use during the creation of their pages.