Stanford-India Biodesign
I presented at the NCIIA conference in San Jose, CA in May, 2014. I spoke on the results of six years of the Stanford-India Biodesign Program
Online Resources for BME Programs
I co-ran a workshop on online resources that are helpful to BME programs during the 2013 BME-IDEA Meeting.
Biodesign Process
A workshop was held for GE in Bangalore where a team presented the Biodesign process. I spoke on the Biodesign program and then assisted in the interactive sessions helping teams. The session was held in December, 2012.
I presented a new online resource, ebiodesign.org, at the BME-IDEA meeting in Pittsburgh, PA in October, 2009. The resource accompanies a book that was published out of my program: Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies
Stanford University's Biodesign Program International Initiatives
I spoke at the NCIIA 2008 conference on the international initiatives that we have undertaken in Biodesign.
What hath Google Wrought: Managing Information in the Information Age
I created a 5-week course for Stanford Continuing Studies that discusses how one deals with the onslaught of information that comes with being in the Digital Age. The course includes discussions on email, web, photos, video, music, privacy, search and new innovations in personal information management. The course was taught Fall qtr, 2007.
Assessing Student Information Gathering Skills
I spoke at the Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting (BMES) in 2007 on how well students are able to do research using the web and other sources. This study came from a project called bmesource.org, which is a portal to collect valuable biomedical engineering sources. We sought to determine how well students are doing in the area of research, in order to determine if a portal such as bmesource is still needed.
Web 2.0: Wikis, Blogs and Podcasts
I gave a paper at the 11th NCIIA Meeting in Mar, 2007 on using web 2.0 technologies in education. I also moderated a session on Entrepreneurship Education in a Digital World.
Entrepreneurial courselet
I gave a paper at the 9th NCIIA Meeting in May, 2005 on a courselet about entrepreneurial issues for Graduate Students that was developed at Stanford.
bmesource portal
I gave a paper at the 8th, 9th and 10th Annual NCIIA Meetings in May, 2004, 2005 and Mar, 2006, respectively. The 2004 paper is on their website in pdf format. I also spoke at the BMES meeting in October 2004 and October 2005 on the same topic at a meeting of BME-IDEA (Biomedical Engineering Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Alliance).
Information Architecture
I gave a course in IA for Stanford Continuing Studies in June, 2000.
A second presentation on Accessibility was given for the Web-Creators here at Stanford.
I've put together a presentation on Accessibility that was part of the Continuing Studies Class on Web Sites That Work - April 1999
Charles Sturt University Address
The web-folks at Charles Sturt invited me to speak to their group about how Stanford uses the web and makes use of the technology. I also spoke at a public lecture about my views on the future of the web.
Webmaster SIG
I hosted a Special Interest Group on Webmastering at WWW7 in Australia in April, 1998.
State of the Stanford Web
Having been invited to speak at one of MedNet's Web session, I provided a State of the Stanford Web.
Tutorial on University Webmastering
The AusWeb folks graciously asked that I put together a tutorial to present at AusWeb '97 on the challenges of running a University web. The tutorial was presented on Saturday, July 5, 1997 at the Conrad Jupiters (Gold Coast).
National Association for Corporate Treasurers
The NACT invited me to speak to them at their annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ, May 1, 1997. The talk was about the use of Internet/Intranets for Corporate Treasurers, and in particular the World Wide Web.
Use of the Stanford World Wide Web
Presented to Civil Engineering 320 class for John Kunz
Using Your IMAGE-ination - Graphics and the World Wide Web
I presented an updated version of this talk (see below) for Web Week, 96.
Issues of the World Wide Web Talk
I spoke to the EES272 class, Worldwide Telecommunications, on the topic of Issues of the World Wide Web. The class is an overview of the current state of worldwide telecommunications and is being given by Profs. Ferdo Ivanek and Sam Chiu for the Engineering Economic Systems Department in the School of Engineering.
Using Your IMAGE-ination - Graphics and the World Wide Web
I presented this talk to the OCLC Network of New York on June 21, 1996 in Rochester, NY.
Class on Intermediate HTML
Taught for the Stanford Alumni Association.
Kansai Institute On-Line Scrapbook
When the Kansai Institute for Information Sciences visited Stanford University, I was asked to put together a web scrapbook of their trip to the U.S.
The Stanford Public Affairs Council
asked for a bit of perspective and history on the Stanford Web. Information provided has been checked with several sources around campus, but if inaccuracies are apparent, please send email to cquinn@leland.stanford.edu
Talk to the Federal Computer Investigations Committee about the World Wide Web.
The FCIC met at Stanford on April 6, 1995 to discuss computer security.
WWW Class - Creating HTML
Gave a presentation to Expert Partners on how to create web pages.
Second International World Wide Web Paper
A paper was presented at WWW Conference in Chicago, October, 1994. The paper can be read here.