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Updated April 10, 1998

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The Sleep Well was created as a reservoir of information on sleep and sleep disorders. It is also a wish that everyone may "sleep well" and obtain the wisdom to do so from these pages. It is a well from which we can drink the pure liquid of sleep knowledge and notification of all sleep events.


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The Sleep Well, the concept of Dr. William C. Dement, world-renown sleep researcher and director of the Stanford University Sleep Disorders Clinic and Laboratory was first designed in January 1996 as a page about the Great American Sleepwalk that took place in Washington DC in May 1996. Sleep professionals, patients and their families from every state in the United States were there to meet with their congressional representatives to emphasize the importance of sleep research and education.

After the event was over, The Sleep Well was created by Webmistress (Nodmaster) Barbara Shoup under the direction of Dr. Dement to fill the need for the public and professionals to learn about sleep disorders, sleep-related events, and how to be an activist for sleep. In 2010, Kevin Morton, a student in Dr. Dement's Stanford Sleep and Dreams course, created a new website that has attempted to take the information of the Sleep Well and expand on it in a fun and interactive way. You can visit that website at End-Your-Sleep-Deprivation.com.


The Sleep Well was grown and expanded for quite some time, but now mostly rests as is. For a constantly updated and interactive site we suggest visiting the new site of Stanford Sleep and Dreams over at End-Your-Sleep-Deprivation.com. We would still like to hear what interests you and any other comments you have. You may sign the Guestbook and leave a comment or send your comments to the Nodmaster.

This Web site and its developer are supported by an educational grant from Searle.

Please note: If you see a mistake, or wrong information, please E-mail: Nodmaster. We welcome your comments, suggestions, or notification of sleep related information.

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