P. A. T. T.

P.A.T.T. is a grassroots, charitable organization dedicated to heightening public awareness concerning Commercial Motor Carrier and Highway Safety issues; to work with legislatures for fair and effective regulations and enforceable laws, and provide support and assistance to victims and families of Motor Carrier crashes.

In our short existence we have grown from a Maine grassroots group to a Nationally recognized organization with a growing mailing list.

P.A.T.T. has brought the fatigue issue to the forefront at National events throughout the nation.

While misunderstood by some "P.A.T.T. is not anti-trucker", in fact many drivers are applauding us for addressing issues that they themselves can not for fear of losing their job.

PATT publishes a monthly newsletter with information about fatigue, road safety issues, up-to-date news about the trucking industry, and pictures and stories of loved ones who have been killed by tired truckers.

For more information about P.A.T.T.:

P. O. Box 209
Lisbon Falls, ME 04252-0209
Phone: (207) 353-4572
Fax: (207) 353-5245
Internet Address:

P.A.T.T. of California
Phone: (619) 376-2377
Fax: (619) 376-3630

P.A.T.T. contact Illinois
(800) 818-5684


NTSI is a private, public service organization of dedicated professionals committed to making a positive difference in people's lives. With Programs operating successfully in several states, as large as California and New York, and as small as Idaho, NTSI relies entirely upon nominal student-paid tuitions for one hundred percent of its total funding in keeping with our philosophy that individuals attending our program are likely to receive more benefit if they have some form of investment involved. Further, being a private sector partner, we philosophically believe that we have an obligation to pay our own way as a problem solving agent, not a problem-causing one.

As NTSI grew and flourished, new programs began to evolve out of the original behavioral traffic school concept. Among them were the specialized Juvenile Traffic School, the Problem Driver Program (Level II), the Serious Traffic Offender Program (Level III), Drinking Driver Programs, Project A.I.M. for professional drivers, and the Youth Alcohol Awareness Program. Other programs designed for misdemeanor offenders were created as well. These Misdemeanant Counseling Programs include the Theft Counseling Program, the Agression Control Workshop, Polydrug Awareness Program and the Young Adult Program.

NTSI is made up of National Traffic Safety Institute and National Training Systems Institute. Operating as one entity since 1974, two separate divisions were created in 1985 to better distinguish the two very distinct types of services offered by NTSI. National Traffic Safety Institute delivers traffic safety and drinking driver programs. Misdemeanant Counseling Programs and Managerial training programs are under the direction of National Training Systems Institute.

It should be noted that the participant's acceptance of responsibility is critical to NTSI programs. Our concept is based on the educational principles of Dr. William Glasser (the father of reality therapy). The individual is guided to see himself or herself accurately (to face reality). At NTSI, the individual is not permitted to use unconscious motivations as an excuse for unsafe driving or illegal behaviors. The goal is to have the participant make a commitment to change their unsafe or illegal behavior.

NTSI has always been aware of the needs of our clients. This includes providing our program in other languages. We also provide program services for the hearing impaired. We are always exploring new ways to present our programs in a fashion which will accomodate as many groups as possible.

For more information contact:

National Traffic Safety Institute
P. O. Box 52828
Bellevue, WA 98015
Tel: 1-800-776-6874
Fax: (206) 688-0278

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