Pictures of Alpine Road, in San Mateo County, California

These were all taken on June 24th, 1995, during a heat wave where sensible people wouldn't have been out riding.

Click on any Picture, or the size note to the side, to download the JPEG.

The first was taken towards the top, a mile or so after I crested Skyline road on my way down hill.

hillside seen from Alpine Road(62K JPEG)

The next shot was taken from the same place, I just turned to the right and shot the road. Yes, those potholes are fun on the rims, and yes, I did a lousy PhotoShop job getting rid of a red blob from my handkerchief in the lower right corner.

Road, sky, cliffside(43K JPEG)

Heritage Grove is one of the last stands of old growth redwoods in the Bay Area, and these are some of the smaller trees. This was even taken with a wide angle lens, and they still look huge. The real picture reminds me of why I got a Point-n-shoot camera with a Zeiss lens.

real nice redwood trees(137K high quality JPEG)

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