My 1998/1999 Ibis Mojo

This past spring (1999), Ibis had a sale to clear out their warehouse. I was fortunate enough to get an un-used, un-sold 1998 Mojo in "eggplant" that was sitting, lonely, in the back of the warehouse somewhere. I built it up and have very much enjoyed it since finishing it. Here are some pics:

The Wilderness Trail Bikes Offroad Drop handlebars. I hate straight handlebars. Unfortunately, in 2003, WTB stopped selling these. Bummer.

The Brooks Champion Flyer saddle. I got it from Wallingford Bicycle Parts, but it's also available from Rivendell Bicycle Works.

Who says you have to integrate your drivetrain? There's Shimano, Sugino, Suntour and Sachs all working together happily.

OK, parts list for those who care:

Frame: Ibis Mojo
Fork: Marzocchi Z2 Bomb, 1998, threaded (I also don't like threadless)
Headset: Shimano XT
Stem: Something from Specialized that Nashbar had on sale
Handlebars: The afore-mentioned WTB Off-Road Drop
Tape: One of those non-adhesive ones that are easy to re-wrap
Brake levers: Dia-Compe 287V
Shift Levers: Ultegra 8sp indexed
Seatpost: Control Tech (Ibis uses a strange size, not many fit it)
Saddle: Brooks Champion Flyer
Bottom Bracket: Phil Wood
Cranks: Suntour XC-Pro, 24-36-46
Pedals: Look S2R Moab
Front D.: Sachs Quarts (not as shown, that's a Suntour XC Pro in the pic)
Rear D.: Shimano LX
Chain: Some sachs/Sedis thing
Hubs: Shimano XTR, older style that SuperGo had on sale as whole wheels, 36h
Spokes: DT 2.0mm
Rims: WTB Laser Beam
Tires: Continental Cross-Country
Brakes: Avid, 20 or 25, can't remember, very nice though
Bottle Cages: Performance stainless steel, Italan made

Countries represented: US, Italy, England, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, France, Switzerland (that I know of).

News Flash: (2/28/02) Ibis has declared chapter 7 bankruptcy. They're toast, gone, dead, hasta la vista baby and all that. No mo' mojos. I guess this bike becomes a "cold dead fingers" bike now. Bummer.

Before any of you car-loving (I've only driven this bike to the trails once in 3 years, as I prefer not to contribute to the hole in the ozone layer for my recreational needs) hiker bigots give me grief about riding a bike on the trails, grab your collar, pull real hard and after you hear that "popping" sound indicating a cephalo-proctal extraction, read this reasonably well done research paper.

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