My 1996 Rivendell Road bike.

I just got a Minolta Dimage film scanner (very nice!) so I can now scan some slides and negatives of my bikes.

The frame is a Waterford-built early Rivendell with Richard Sachs designed lugs. Waterford no longer builds Rivendells (they make Heron's, though) and the new Rivendell frames come with different lugs.

This picture, taken in the woods, isn't the clearest, but it does actually show the "chameleon" paint job better than any other photograph I have.

(It's a 324K JPEG, which looks almost as good as the 1MB full-size scan)

The paint job is a dark purple with a green metallic over-coat. It isn't a fade, and every other picture I take just looks green. The strong lighting change brings out the full effect of this really cool, and no longer available, paint job.

Here are some older pics I took shortly after I bought the bike in March of '96:

The gold spots are a function of the flash, not of the paint job.

These were taken without flash, and I had to correct the colors in PhotoShop.

Nice lugs, eh?

That's a Simplex seatpost binder bolt in there!

That's the Nitto Pearl stem. Purty, ain't it?

Two pictures of how I had it built up long ago. Lots of parts changed since then.

My 2000 Rivendell Road frame

Shortly after its 4th birthday, this past spring, it broke. I was bummed. I took it to Rivendell, they looked at it, and too were bummed. Rivendell chose to replace the frame with a new, custom, stouter-tubed frame rather than repair it. This was very nice of them, as I'm a very heavy rider (I weigh about two Pantani's, 18+ stone, 115kgs, etc.) who's broken several frames before, and the new custom frames cost a lot more than the older off-the-rack frames. After a re-paint to red (that I had to pay for, of course, I could have gotten it in the light green for no charge, but I've always wanted a red bike, and it was worth the cost to re-paint) I got a new frame, and I was very happy! Needless to say, I'm very impressed with Rivendell's warranty policy and customer service, and continue to highly recommend them to anyone who wants the absolute best frame out there.

Here are some pics:

A little inexpert Photoshop work removed the distracting background. As you'll notice, the new head badge matches the paint. Cool!

Yes, that steerer tube is that extended, and, after getting used to it in about a half hour, I like the new handlebar position. Note the paint fill-ins in the lugs.

This more clearly shows one of the painted in lug areas, which are everywhere on this bike, and are really striking. Also, hard wood floors are cold and attract lots of dust, I can't understand why everyone loves them so much.

Here it is built up, I moved over all the parts, but the big difference between this and the topmost picture are the Nitto Dream Bars, which I had before the previous frame broke, but after the topmost picture was taken.

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