Pictures from the 2002 San Francisco Grand Prix, 9/15/02

This year, rather than smaller pics that link to larger ones, (like last year) I just went for medium-sized pics.
If you have a modem, just go get something to drink. If you have a slow modem, go get a very large beverage.

Mmmmm! Donuts!
Da Mayor!
"The Rock" and the hard place.
We stayed the rest of the day at this spot on the Taylor Street Climb.
Looks steep? Look at the buildings: once again, I've tilted the camera to partially follow the road. It's steeper!
The Pack!
The Peloton!
The Herd!
As a bicycle commuter, I can sympathize!

The official roster on the web doesn't list a 142 for Sierra Nevada/Cannondale, but I've been told he's Andy Jacque Maynes, a recent Cal grad.

Go, Postal!
Isn't he a little young?
The expectant crowd between laps.
Go Postal?!?!?
Funny, the US Postal Service team usually rides bicycles...
Actually, that's Chann McRae, Lance's teammate, but I'm sure he appreciates the support.

With him are Jason McCartney (87), Gabriele Colombo (31), Danny Pate (47) and I see a 26 on a bike, which would be Plamen Stoyanov.

Added to the group in this picture are Siro Camponogaro (52) and Doug Ziewacz (73).
Chasing Tim Johnson (65) are Lance Armstrong (2), Viatcheslav Ekimov (4), another Postie I can't identify and Chris Baldwin (54).
Even the applauding fans aren't keeping an eye on that fellow in number 72.
Siro Camponogaro (52) all by himself.
There goes George!
Hmm, who's this number 72? Charles Dionne? I wonder if he'll do anything today...
After two SF Grand Prixes and 8 rolls of film, I finally get a decent picture of Lance! Here's a larger version.

With him are Massimo Giunti (33) and another rider that I can't identify.

George Hincapie continues his long solo break.
That looks like #63, Will Frischkorn, followed by Lance Armstrong (2) and I think that's #72, Charles Dionne again, behind Lance.
That's Henk Vogels (27) followed by Ekimov (4), I can't make out the riders behind or following Eki, but the guy following sure looks unhappy.
Guiseppe Ribolzi (97), Greg Sieniewicz (130), Gerardo Castillo (153), and Ivan Dominguez, the famous Cuban defector (61).
John Lieswyn (71) and I think that's a 0 on the Prime Alliance rider, which would make him Svein Tuft (50) but I could easily be wrong.
At this point, Hincapie doesn't quite need a helping hand.
Chris Horner (45), no idea who the Saturn rider is, Kevin Livingston (89), and I can vaguely make out a 30 on the Mercury Rider's bike, which would make him Jesus Zarate (and I'm looking at a higher resolution scan than this one, of course).
That's Ivan Dominguez (61) again.
John Hunt (147), Russell Stephenson (49), Mark McCormack (68), Kevin Monahan (74) and that's all I can figure out.
Gabriele Colombo (31) and many more.
If that last digit's a 5, that's Jason Bausch (135), if it's a 6, that's Pete Knudson (136). I'm sure someone will correct me.
I think this is the fellow whose friends stopped by to cheer him on. Everyone in our area chanted his name, which I have subsequently forgotten.
Ekimov and Dionne on the second to last climb up Taylor.
Hincapie is spent!
Last climb, Ekimov attacks, Dionne sticks with him like a cheap suit.
The Mercury rider is Henk Vogels (27) then Tom Leaper (55), Will Frischkorn (63) and Armstrong (2).
Plenty of patriotism with this fellow, I'll give him that much!

The people wearing clothing are Armstrong, Leaper and Vogels again.

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Starting Roster

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Other Folks Photos: Ken Papai, Mark VandenBerghe, Alan Forkosh

Photo Geek Stuff: All shot with a Leica M6, for which I really need to get a motor drive, on 2-year-past-expiration date Ilford XP-2 (which explains some of the contrast problems). Early shots walking towards Taylor were with either a 35mm Summicron-M Aspheric or a 50mm Summicron-M. A couple of the long shots down on Taylor were with a vintage '73 90mm Tele-Elmar, later shots on Taylor with the 35 for a lap or two, and then the majority of these pictures, on the final laps, were shot with the 50. Most exposures at 1/500 and f11, or thereabouts, unrecorded of course (who has time?), which fits the Sunny f16 rule well (film exposed at EI 250). Not a photo geek and you've read this far and don't know what I'm talking about? I guess waiting for the images to load can be quite boring.

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