Uproar over 'phony' medical research at Stanford

Dale F. Mead, San Jose Mercury News, Jun. 24, 1977

Doctor to answer fraud allegations

George Anders, The Stanford Daily, June 28, 1977

Two agencies investigating research fraud allegation

Andrea James, The Stanford Daily, Jan. 13, 1978

University may have given NIH false information in Lucas case

Andrea James, The Stanford Daily, Nov. 20, 1978

Fraud charged in Lucas case

Seth Zuckerman, The Stanford Daily, Mar. 9, 1979

Records back doctor's claim of cover-up

Mary T. Fortney, Peninsula Times-Tribune, Aug. 22, 1981

Stanford Denies Cover-up of Research Fraud

UPI, The New York Times, Aug. 23, 1981

Fraud, cover-up charges linger at Stanford

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Lucas begins one year leave, Med school surgeon's research validity challenged

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Faculty Research and the Whistle Blowers

Alan F. Westin, The New York Times, Jan. 10, 1982

Suit says scientist used falsified data to secure grants

Rex Dalton, The San Diego Union, Aug. 11, 1990

U.S. Fraud Suit Shakes Up Universities, First attempt to hold schools responsible for campus research

David A. Sylvester, San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 27, 1990

When Researchers Lie, A California attorney-physician uses the False Claims Act to sue a university scientist

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Scientific fraud suit first under new law

Mary T. Fortney, The Peninsula Times-Tribune, Feb. 6, 1991

Stanford doctor can put chapter behind him now

Mary T. Fortney, The Peninsula Times-Tribune, Feb. 6, 1991

U.S. Backs Researcher In Suing Ex-Colleague Over Accuracy of Data

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Laws of Science

Week in Review, The New York Times, Feb. 10, 1991

Professor Asserts Stanford Lied to U.S. About Misconduct Probe

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NAS Scientific Misconduct Report Draws Harsh Criticism

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Schools pay $1.6 million in science fraud case

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Novel Application of Federal Law to Scientific Fraud Worries Universities and Reinvigorates Whistleblowers

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County, Ambulance firm settle suit

Joe Livernois, Monterey County Herald, Mar. 21, 1997