Medic Sees Problems in Mechanical Heart

Steve Gruber, San Jose Mercury, Jan. 31, 1968

Salinas Man Gets New Heart, Surgical Team Includes Son of Dr. Dong

Eric Brazil, Salinas Californian, Jan. __, 1968

Development of artificial heart in 10 to 15 years predicted

Myron Myers, Palo Alto Times, Jul. 19, 1968

Strong patient heightens heart transplant success

Ron Goben, Palo Alto Times, Sep. 7, 1968

"Heart transplants will be Routine" Says Dr. Shumway

S.F. Sunday Examiner and Chronicle, Sep. 8, 1968

Heart Surgeons Confront America's Greatest Killer

San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 4, 1968

Research - Employees of the Lockheed Missile and Space Company have presented $4000 to the Cardiac Surgery Research fund of Stanford

Palo Alto Times, Jan 28, 1969

Stanford Tells Gains in Year of Heart Transplants

David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 30, 1969

Dr. Shumway optimistic on future of heart transplant operations

Ron Goben, Palo Alto Times, Mar. 17, 1969

The Ethics of Heart Transplants

Roger Rapoport, West, Los Angeles Times, Mar. 16, 1969

Computer Boosts Research on heart replacement

Palo Alto Times, Jul. 31, 1970

Transplant Specialist Speaks at Fifth Annual Enloe Hospital Meeting

Chico Enterprise Record, Sep. 18, 1970

Computer Figures in Heart Studies

Long Island Press, Nov. 5, 1970

Heart Transplants Do Work

Gerald Astor, Look, Dec. 29, 1970

Heart Transplants: After Setbacks, the Beat Goes On

Harry Nelson, Los Angeles Times, Aug. 22, 1971

Heart Transplantation is Far From Closed Issue

Harry Nelson, Post-Bulletin, Rochester Minn. Sep. 15, 1971

Member of Heart Transplant Team Goleta Speaker

---------------------, Oct. 14, 1971

Stanford doctor Call for more heart transfers

Palo Alto Times, May 25, 1972

Drug extracted from chicken blood may be key to successful transplants

Palo Alto Times, Sep. 28, 1972

After five years of heart transplants, it's a 'routine'

Richard Harnett, Long Island Press, Dec. 10, 1972

Nuclear-driven heart pacemaker predicted

Long Island Press, Dec. 11, 1972

Stanford Heart Surgery Persevering

Oakland Tribune, Dec. 13, 1972

Heart Transplants Continue With Success at Stanford

Leif Erickson, New York Post, Dec. 13, 1972

Only Stanford Doing Transplants Regularly

San Jose Mercury, Dec. __, 1972

Stanford remains optimistic about heart transplants

The Houston Post, Dec. 14, 1972

Stanford heart surgeon disagrees that 'era of transplant is over'

Palo Alto Times, Mar. 22, 1973

100th heart transplant at Stanford Hospital

Palo Alto Times, Mar. 16, 1976