1998 Group Gear List

From Al:

Here it is..the long awaited group gear list. This is based on a group of 12-15; I think it will be easier to adjust down in Dillon than up at some wilderness CG. If you have something let us know.


First Aid Kit - serious!

First Aid Kit - wimpy
Paul/Ann, Judy

Water Filters.
If you own one, bring it. This is a good chance to comparison shop; we all had different brand filters.
Norm, Al, Judy, Paul/Ann, etc.

Folding Water Jugs.
Very handy. The 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 gallon sizes are best. We need 4 or 5
Al, Paul/Ann, Judy (?), Norm, Dave/Rita

Last year we did most of our cooking on 2 stoves; we should plan on 3-4 this trip. At least 2 of us will have Coleman Fuel/White gas stoves.
Al, Jim, Judy (Coleman) Paul /Ann(Gaz cartridge), Dave/Rita (Gaz cartridge)

Fuel Bottles
for Coleman Fuel. We need at least 132 oz (1 gallon) capacity. Al (33oz), Judy (22), Norm

Large Pot.
With 12 hungry mouths, 3 pots seem in order.
Alan (Al has custody), Judy (Medium)

Large coffee pot.
Al (The pot that would not stay away)

Fry Pan.

Cooking Utensils/Soap/Spices

Bear Bags.
Last year I think we had 2 bear bags, and 4 sets of rope. We should probably go for 3 & 5 Bear Bags:
Paul/Ann (2), Norm, Al, Judy

Al, Paul/Ann (2), Norm, Judy

Last Updated: June 23, 1998

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