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Lewis & Clark Trail
Summer 2003 Itinerary


We could either hurry along to get to the KC area on Saturday, or slow down and get there on Monday. This revised draft scurries us along a bit. Because we have an "extra day" on July 15th, we could slow down the first week and hit the KC or Atchison area early the 2nd week instead of the end of the 1st week. Weather or "tired legs" may make the determination for us.






Comments - See ACA Map for L&C Field Notes.

Sat. June 28,
Day 00

St. Louis
Arrive Lambert Field (airport)
- Judy, Al, Norm all arrive 12-2 p.m.-ish.
- Ann/Paul in late afternoon/early evening or so.??
- Melissa?
- Carl?
- Rita/Dave?
- Nard arriving by train.






Arrive Lambert Field, St. Louis International Airport.

DoubleTree Motel, St. Louis Airport.
9600 Natural Bridge Rd.,
Berkeley, MO.
1-800-222-8733 or 314-427-7600
Motel has an airport shuttle van.
- Slightly more than a mile from the airport.
For exploring downtown St. Louis, take the metrolink (light rail from the airport) to downtown. They take bikes! :-)

Sun., June 29,
Day 0

St. Louis -> Hartford -> St. Louis

~50 General wisdom suggests that there are no real places to stay in Hartford, and not much to see. .

St. Louis sightseeing: The Arch, AB Brewery, Cardinals baseball, etc. etc. etc.
- Also, it l ooks like we can just pedal (or dirve) to Hartford w/o too much difficulty. Either get there on Saturday. or on Sunday.
Many cities along the River were devestated by the floods of 1993.

Mon., June 30,
Day 1

St. Louis -> St. Charles -> Augusta


Might be able to camp at the city park across from the Kountry Korner Bakery. (Others have.)

Cinagro Farms (Organic spelled backwards) has limited primative camping.

Dutzow Deli & Grill occasionally allows tents (no services). (8 mi. beyond Agusta)


From Tom in St. Louis:
I read your itinerary; I suggest a side trip on Day 1. Take Highway F (within yards of the Katy Trail as you enter Defiance) about five miles from Defiance to visit Daniel Boone's Home (where he actually lived, raised children, kilt a bar, Indian-wrestled Indians, etc.). It's an easy ride, the Femme Osage "Mountains," where it's nestled are extremely beautiful and the road is very lightly traveled. It's a neat place, they've built a little log home community around it; Beautiful chapel (where my wife and I were married). There is an admission charge. They serve fast food and cold beverages. There's also a no additional miles reroute on the way back from DBoone home to Augusta. Just take a right turn on Schulersburg Road from Highway F. Schulersburg Road takes you within a 1/2 mile of Augusta on Highway 94. Schulersburg is a lovely little town too; a pretty church and cemetery. There's a very steep hill on Schulersburg Road both up and down, and I recommend caution on the way down. There's a very nice river view from the top of Schulersburg hill too. You'll probably tire of the flatness of the Katy Trail eventually and want to get your butts out of the saddle for a little while. This is an excellent diversion..

Hwy 370 Bridge Bike Path to get across the river?

St. Charles: St. Charles was once the capitol of Missouri.
- Stop for a river trip? Some sightseeing. Then bike on.
- The Lewis & Clark museum is worth seeing. 701 Riverside Drive.[1]

Augusta: Kountry Korner Bakery closes at 4 p.m. (Kathy is [was?] owner.)
- "'The Cookie Jar' up the hill is the only restaurant open at 7 a.m. Great breakfast!" [1]
- Augusta is in the heart of the Missouri Wine Country. 5-6 wineries in town, tasting from 10-5:30 or so.
- Microbrewery: August Brewing Co. & Beer Garden, 5521 (5712?) Water Street.
- Centennial Farms, 199 Jackson St. Fresh fruit!

Tues., July 1,
Day 2

Augusta -> Tebbetts


Marthasville: Choo-Choo's Frozen Custard & Camping. 600 Depot St.; 636.433.5348. (Semi-primative camping). Community Club often allows group camping near the pavilion. Call in advance: 636.433.2822. (1)
Hermann:Camping at the City Park.

Steedman: Sometimes people camp in the grassy area in front of SOB's. Ask first. (1)
Mokane: The Crossing Rest. & Bar has primitive camping sites. 204 Fulton Ave. 573.676.3073.
Turner KATY Trail Shelter (Hostel). Past grain elevators by P.O.

May or may not have a store ??

Daniel Boone Monument (east of Marthasville): Blacktop road (Daniel Boone Monument Road) intersects the KATY trail 1.5 mi. east of Marthasville. Watch for the white house and tan shed off to the north of the trail. Take this road north (towards the bluff). The road T's withint sight of the trail. Go left for 1.2 mi. and the monument is on the right. The monument is tucked in between cedar trees and old grave markers. [1] (Judy's great great great great great grandfather traipsed around with Ole Dan.)

- Scenic Cycles, a bikers' oasis.
- Daniel Boone & wife Rebecca originally buried here until removal to KY.

Peers: Peers Store sells deli & breakfast food. Their breakfast can't be beat. [1]

McKittrick: Nowhere to camp nor eat. [1]

- One of the most popular tourist destinations in Missouri. (2)
- Cross the River at Highway 19 to get to Hermann. This is a BAD bridge to try to cycle across. Upward slope across bridge. There are shuttle options (see book) [1].
- Acorn Bunk'n Bagel. Can get a shuttle (call in advance) to get across bridge.573.486.4003 [1]
- Goody's General Store

- Call CofC for shuttle information. 636.239.7575. Biking across the bridge is not recommended.

- Steamboat B&B was built from a salvaged side wheeler steamboat. Look closely and you can see the remnants.

- Riverfront Bar & Grill - Cheeseburgers, steaks, veggie soup, chili.
- A blue channel catfish, the largest fish ever known to have been caught on the Missouri R was caught here - 315 lbs! [1]

- SOB (Steedman's Only Bar) has full menu & pool table.

:(MissOuri KANsas & Eastern RR)
- Biker's Note: Covered picnic tables right off the trail. Behind K.D. Trail's Rest. there is a coin-op car (bike) wash called Huck's Car Wash.
- The River fishing access is approx. 1 mi. after town and is a good road for getting down within sight of the river.
- Large barge grave yard as well. [all 1]

Large grain elevators indicate that Tebbetts is close.
Hostel: 800-575-2322 or 573.295.4290.
ACA map indicates limited groceries.

- Just W of McBaine, a 9 mile MKT Fitness trail goes to Columbia ("easy and practical route"). See commentary [2, pg. 23-24.]

Wed., July 2,
Day 3

Tebbetts ->McBain -> New Franklin/Boonville


Might be able to camp (if necessary) at American Legion/Lions Club Park.]
Wilton: Camping in tipis (or not) at the General Store.
New Franklin camping: KATY Roundhouse Deli (pvt), 1893 Katy Dr.

Boonville camping: Bobber Auto Truck Plaza (pvt.) (off route/see ACA map)(Truck Plaza???)


[Jefferson City option gives opportunity to ride on pavement. Our itinerary bypasses Jeff City, but we can change it.
- Jefferson City/Cedar City: "Taking advantage of the facilities at the airport allows you to avoid riding into Jeff City across the MO River. 0.3 mi. east from the shelter is the Jeff City Memorial Airport. Pay phone, water, heated restrooms, restaurant." [1]
"Another way to avoid having to go into Jeff City to refuel is to visit Holts Summit. Less than 2 mi. from the KATY trail." [1]
- Shuttle across river to Jeff City: Yellow Cab: 573.636.7101. Phone at end of Jeff City Spur Trail on the side of the pavilion. Some hotels offer shuttles as well. [1].

Claysville: Store & Cafe has limited hours.

Hartsburg: A town worth exploring!
- Site of large annual Pumpkin Festival.
- Globe Hotel (16 rooms) was under 6 ft. of water during 1993 flood.
- Bike shop is a highlight. [1] (Hartsburg Cycle Depot. Has a great coffee bar.)

- Hitching Post has burgers, pizza & beer.
- Thorn Hill Winery (tasting room is across from the caboose at 15 E. Main St.)

Wilton: Birdsong chorus at dusk in the summer.
- Small river-bottom community.

- Native American crafts at general store.
- 1 mile east of Wilton is the Wilton Boat Club's shelter and boat ramp. Shelter, picnic tables, and electricity. Nearly always shade and cool breeze at these picnic tables. [all 1]

Boonville: 1st Civil War battle in MO. Many historic districts here.

Thurs., July 3,
Day 4

New Franklin/Boonville -> Marshall -> Higginsville


Higginswille: Fairgrounds Campground (in the city)


Boonville: Explore a bit if not here yesterday.

Arrow Rock: Days of wagon trains and Santa Fe Trail seem not long gone [2; pg. 27.]

Fri., July 4,
Day 5

Higginsville -> Lexington -> Henriette -> Lawson


Lawson: Camping. Watkins Mill State Park (slightly off route)

Lexington: All services

Henrietta: some services (few)

Lexington, pop. 4,400.
Lexington Dining:
- From Big Mac to the Lexington Brewery and the Kansas City Rib Company.

- Lexington/Henrietta Bridge. NARROW, Missing Curb. Take the Lane! [2, p. 29.]
Henrietta, pop. 457.

Lawson: Watkins Mill State Park: http://www.mostateparks.com/wwmill/geninfo.htm

(They say on the web page that they want two nights if camping on the weekend. Might be difficult to get spots on the 4th of July weekend.They ahve 42 tent sites according to AAA.)

Sat., July 5,
Day 6

Lawson -> Smithville/Kansas City


-> Basswood RV Resort in Platte City

30 (to Smithville)



+ 9 mi.

Smithville: Smith Fork Campground (off route, 2.5 mi. E on Smithville Lake Dam Rd.)

Perhaps stay at a motel near the KC airport (not tooooo far from Smithville)?


Platte City:
Basswood RV Resort (6 mi. E of Platte City) (on Map 1, #14)


I have absolutely no clue how to get from Smitthville into KC. But I do have a city map with me and various AAA Tour Book(s). (Top Dog)

Kansas City:
- (Over the 4th of July Weekend, KC has the 3 Day Rodeo at Benjamin Ranch off I-435 & E. 87th St. exit.)

- Museum of Negro Baseball
- Jazz Museum

- Looking at the map, Kansas City might be difficult to get to. Might just bypass side trip to KC and go to Atchison? Group needs to think about this. Good BBQ in both cities. :-)
- Rent a car?:
Enterprise Rent A Car
(816) 532-5050
1706 S US Highway 169
Smithville, MO

- Rte 169 drops straight south into the middle of KC.

Kay's friend Colleen writes:
One reason to go to KC especially is to see the Lewis & Clark statue. It is REALLY neat and definitely worth seeing! As far as I can tell, 169 Highway is the way to get from Smithville to KC also. The statue is in a park quite near I-70/I-35 in downtown. If they come into KC, they go to 9th Street which is one-way going west from anywhere downtown. They take it to the end and then turn right. The statue is at the top of the hill, and the park overlooks the area where Lewis & Clark camped in 1804, according to the diaries. They were on the bluffs overlooking the convergence of the two rivers, and at that location, you can see just that! It is called "Lewis & Clark Point" as a matter of fact, and the view is sensational.
And if they are on 9th, there is a REALLY GOOD jazz club (my favorite, as a matter of fact again) at 8th and Central. Central is just a block east of Broadway. The club is called the Phoenix. It also has good food. The music is live, and there is no cover. The guy who co-owns it is a musician, so the music there is always excellent, even if he is not performing himself.
That's all the help I can be. But with this plan, they wouldn't be far into KC, but far enough to see some history and get food and jazz at the same time. These aren't far apart, and downtown KC is not busy traffic-wise. The highways into it can be congested, but there is little problem with 169.
Hope that is some help.
p.s. I know very little about Atchison. I have never known there to be jazz associated with it.

Sun., July 6,
Day 7


Rest Day in KC area


Smithville -> Atchison


Rest Day?



- Camping either at City Park (closer to food sources)
- Lewis & Clark Park (more spacious and outdoorsy) at Armour (just prior to getting to Atchison).



Mon., July 7,
Day 8

Smithville -> Atchison


Rest Day in Atchison area





Rest Day?

Atchison: Camping either at City Park (closer to food sources) or Lewis & Clark Park (more spacious and outdoorsy) at Armour (prior to getting to Atchison).

Armour: No services; restaurant nearby.

Atchison: All services

- Birthplace of Amelia Earhart, and where she spent her early years.
Amelia Earhart Musseum
- Noted for grand Victorian homes.
- Numerous building on the National Registry of Historic Places.
The Forest of Friendship, trees from all over the world.
Atchison County Historical Society Museum
- Atchison Trolley, an hour-long tour of the city
- Atchison Rail Museum
- Muchnic Art Gallery
- Evah C. Cray Historical Home Museum

Chamber of Commerce phones: 913-367-2427 or 800-234-1854

Tues., July 8,
Day 9

Atchison -> Falls City, NE


Falls City:
Camping at Stanton Lake (city)
Stanton Lake Park
West 25th St.
lake fishing, picnic areas, sandlot volleyball courts,
and playground; for park reservation information call the city office at (402) 245-2851.

All services.

Falls City:
Itha-Krumme Memorial Arboretum
Next to Stanton Lake Park


And just in case someone feels the need:
- The Senior Citizens Center,
located at 221 West 16th St,
Falls City, provides various
programs for citizens aged 60
and older without regard to
income. In addition to scheduled
activities, the center provides a
large community room.
The library has free internet connection.

Wed., July 9,
Day 10

Falls City -> Nebraska City, NE


Camping: choice of two places...see ACA map Service Directory

1. State Park Marina and Campground on the Missouri
River (map available at the web site)

All services.

Nebraska City: best known for apple orchards and Arbor Day.
- Arbor Day Farm, 260 acre farm owned by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Arbor Day began here in 1872. Nature trails, hazelnut field, fuelwood plantation, etc. 8-5 p.m. Admission $5.50.
Factory outlet stores.


Thurs., July 10, Day 11

Nebraska City -> Council Bluffs, IA



Bike Shop. Could be a 2-week option out. And an 1 week+ option in city. .

Fri., July 11,
Day 12

Council Bluffs

Exploration Day



Historic Pottawattamie County Jail, 226 Pearl St. (next to courthouse).
Kanesville Tabernacle. 222 E. Broadway, where Bigham Young was sustained as president of the Morman Church.

7:30 p.m.
"Beauty and the Beast"
B & D Productions presents this Disney Classic at the Chanticleer Community Theater, 830 Franklin
Ave, Council Bluffs. Showtimes are Tues-Sat at 7:30 p.m. & Sun at 2:00 p.m. Adults: $20; Seniors: $15; Students: $10. Call for Reservations. 712/322-9126

Call Pedal & Paddle Shop in Pierre, SD, to remind about shipping bikes home. Ask about "open on Sunday?" 605-224-8955.

Sat., July 12,
Day 13

Council Bluffs -> just beyond Onawa


Lewis & Clark State Park c.g. .


Sun., July 13,
Day 14

L&C State Park -> Elk Point


Camping at the City Park.

. .

Mon., July 14,
Day 15

Elk Point -> Gravins Pt. Dam


Camping at Gravins Point.

. .

Tues., July 15,
Day 16




. We've picked up a day for "unforseen events" such as weather, sightseeing, etc. We can make route alterations as necessary to use it.

Wed., July 16,
Day 17

Gravins Point -> Pickstown



. Pickstown - Boyhood home of Tom Brokaw and "his" baseball team, the Pickstown Pheasants.

Thurs., July 17,
Day 18

Pickstown -> Burke



. .

Fri., July 18,
Day 19

Burke -> Chamberlain



. .

Sat., July 19,
Day 20

Chamberlain -> Ft. Thompson -> Dunbar Rd./DeGray Rec. Area


. .

(Lake Sharpe Option; Profiles 34 & 34A on ACA Map #2)

Sun., July 20,
Day 21

DeGray -> Pierre


. . Ship bikes from Pedal & Paddle, 411 S. Pierre St., Pierre, SD. 605-224-8955

Mon., July 21,
Day 22

. . . .

Fly home.

[1] = Information from "The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook" by Brett Dufur.
[2] = Information from "Bicycling the Lewis & Clark Trail" by Mac McCoy/Adventure Cycling Association

Last updated: June 26, 2003.