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Lewis & Clark Trail
Summer 2005 Itinerary


Mileages are from ACA's book "Bicycling the Lewis & Clark Trail."
There are motel options in most places.

Most longer-mileage days have nearly "dead flat" profiles. :-)

We are now back in BLM territory, so you may want to opt for a BML map or two for ND and MT.





Services (see maps for "usual" info.

Comments - See ACA Map for L&C Field Notes.

Pre-trip Bismarck, ND .

Radisson Hotel Bismarck

6th & Broadway, Bismarck ND 58501

(701) 255-6000


- Little Cottage Cafe.
- Peacock Alley Bar & Grill.
- Seasons Cafe (in Raddison).
- The Drumstick.

# In Bismarck,
* Bike Shops.
- Dakota Cyclery has moved to 1519 Main St. Other bike shops in town include:
- Epic Cycle and Sport, 400 E. Rosser Ave., 701-221-9833; and
- Scheels All Sport, 802 Kirkwood Mall, 701-255-7255. (Jul 2004)

- Lewis & Clark Riverboat sails most afternoons & evenings. (701)255-4233.

- Art Galleries: Bismarck Art & Galleries Assoc., 422 E. Front Ave.

# Mandan:
- Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park ~5 miles south on Rte. 1806.(Open daily.) Fort Lincoln trolley (1-5pm daily) runs along the Heart & Missouri Rivers between 3rd St. Sta. in Mandan & the state park. (Of course you can bike.)
- Highlight is On A Slant Village (earthlodge replicas), sacred to Mandan people.
- Ark of the Lone Man.

- Art Galleries: Five Nations Arts, 401 West Main St., Mandan, is well known.

July 4,
Day 1

Bismarck -> Double Ditch Indian Village (Historical Site) -> Washburn


Cross Ranch State Pk., "one of the nicest in ND." w/ 6,000 acre nature preserve adjacent. To reserve Centennial Cabin, (800) 807-4723.


City Park (camping)


"All Services" in Washburn

- Dakota Farms (food).

# Double Ditch Indian Village: State historical site along route.

# Washburn:
- "Stunning N.D. Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center." Located at junction of US 83 & ND 200A (may now be called 200).
Fort Mandan Historical Site. (2 mi. from Interpretive Center.) "A good place for a picnic near the banks of the MoRiv."
- BirdWoman Missouri River Adventurees offers canoe trips in 26' voyageur canoe. (Trips takes place on same stretch of water where L&C spent the Dakota winter.)
Day Voyage
Enjoy the natural beauty of the Missouri River as you travel 7-10 river miles downstream in our voyageur canoe. Snack and bottled water provided. $45 per person. Children 12 and under are $30 each. Allow approximately 2-4 hours for this adventure.
- Lewis & Clark Canoe & Kayak Rentals. Operates from L&C Cafe in town. $30/day or $25/day (kayak). Shuttle service available for fee. Box lunches as well. Also guided trips. 701.462.3668.

July 5,
Day 2

Washburn -> Ft. Clark -> Stanton -> Pick City


Lake Sakakawea State Park (some of area's best salmon fishing)


Downstream Campground (camping)

Most services in Pick City.

# Ft. Clark:
State historical site.

# Stanton:
- Knife River Indian Village Historical Site.(Natl. Pk. Service) Much to see here. Hike the trail to the Knife River. Middens hae enthralled archeologists. (It is on Mt.Time.)
- Tiny town with basic visitor services. Indian display at Courthouse.

Pick City:

July 6,
Day 3
Pick City -> Coleharbor -> Garrison 30

Fort Stevenson State Park (camping) 4.1 mi. S off route.

- 83 Cafe.

- Lake Road Rest. (breakfast all day & sandwiches to go).
- Stoney End Supper Club

# Riverdale:
Headquarters for the Garrison Dam.

# Coleharbor
, there is a restaurant and service station. (Nov 2003)
1) National Audubon Wildlife Refuge Area, 4 mi. off route.

# There is a restaurant at the entrance to East Totten Trail Campground.(Hwy 83 across Lake Audubon/Sakakwea)

July 7,
Day 4

Garrison -> Cross Rd. -> Deepwater Creek Wildlife Rec. Area COE




# Garrison:
- Fort Stevenson St. Park. Includes prairie dog town, campground & walleye fishing.

# Deepwater Creek Campground is temporarily closed. (Nov 2003) (Need to check on this.)

July 8,
Day 5
Deepwater -> Parshall -> New Town 34 New Town Marina Campground (camping) .

- Paul Broste Rock Museum.

# There's a restaurant at the intersection of SR 23 and SR 8. (Nov 2003) (10 mi. west of Parshall)

# New Town:
- Pe-Ri-Tska-Wa-Ku-Re ("Crow Flies High") story told in Interpretive Center on Ft. Berthold Reservation.
View from Butte is fine as well as the butte itself.
- White Shield PowWow held 2nd weekend in July.
- Three Tribes Museum, one of the few places with an actual L&C Expedition Peace Medal. (Open daily.)
- Calvin Grinnell, a tribesman at the museum, gives guided tours of the area from a native perspective. With enough advance notice, he can arrange for tribal dancers and a sweat lodge.

July 9,
Day 6

New Town -> Keys Cove c.g. (OR 3 mi. further to a more highly recommended c.g.)



Keys Cove OR Lewis & Clark State Pk. (5 mi on & 3 mi off route)

. # Lewis & Clark State Park: "Rarely crowded and features rugged Badlands scenery and a trail through one of the largest intact native prairies in ND park system."
July 10,
Day 7

Keys Cove (R L&C St. Pk) -> Williston


City Park (campging) & a couple of motel choices.

. .

July 11,
Day 8

Rest Day
. . .

# Williston is served by Northwest and America West airlines.
- Local Frontier Museum.
- Could rent a car and go see the Theodore Roosevelt National Park which protects some of the most fascinating badlands formations in the West. And large herds of buffalo, antelope, deer, bobcats & coyotes. Early morning and evening are best times to see the colorful plateaus, buttes, and bluffs.
- Maah Daah Hey - incredible single track trail (100 miles) which is beautiful (see description on back of ACA Section 4 map.)

July 12,
Day 9
Williston -> Trenton -> Culbertson 60 . Culbertson:
- M&M's Place.
- Wild West Diner.

# Fort Buford Historical Site: Built overlooking the confluence of the Yellowstone & MoRivs from here. (Slightly off route.) Sitting Bull surrender here in 1881. Chief Joseph was imprisoned here.

# Fort Union Historical Site. (A bit more off route.)

You are a few minutes and miles away from the Montana border.

July 13
Day 10

Culbertson -> Brockton -> Poplar -> Wolf Point


Camping @ Pvt. c.g.

Wolf Point:
-Pat's Pizza.

# Wolf Point: One of the oldest & best rodeo in MT. (2nd weekend in July.) Wolf Point is the first town along the "Hi-Line" (named after the Great Northern RR route that it parallels).

July 14,
Day 11
Wolf Point -> Ft. Peck


Camping at West End C.G. (COE) . # "Westbound narrative should read: ""... 26.5(43)Fort Peck. Turn RIGHT onto Yellowstone Rd. See detail. ....""" (Feb 2003).
July 15,
Day 12
Rest Day
Ft. Peck

Mikel's Rest.
175 S. Missouri Ave
Ft. Peck


# Fort Peck: There is some interesting architecture here: COE office, Ft. Peck Hotel, Ft. Peck Theater
Play (July 15) = "42nd St." Curtain time is 8pm for all performances. Tickets can be purchased at the Theatre box office the night of the show. Adults $12, Seniors $10, Students $7. Reserved seating available for additional $5 by calling the box office in advance.

Mikel's Restaurant: located in the hotel, offers exceptional dining with an emphasis on Cajun fare. In season, you can dine on their front porch. Relax on their front porch while watching deer wander through the beautiful park directly across the street. They are only a short walk from the Fort Peck Theater, and only minutes away from the dam, the Powerhouse Museum.

July 16,
Day 13
Ft. Peck -> Timber Creek 54.5 BLM camping .

# Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. 2nd largest in continental US (1.2 million acres).During rain, terrain can become gumbo-muck.

Hwy 200 intersects a portion of MT often called the "Big Lonely." It is one of the last vast frontiers left in MT.

July 17,
Day 14
Timber Creek -> Jordan 41.5 . . # The rest area at the intersection of SR 24 and SR 200 is called Flowing Wells. Water is available. (Jul 2004)

July 18,
Day 15

Jordan -> Sand Springs 32 Camping allowed behind the store. . # In Sand Springs, the restaurant has closed. Small store is limited grocery. (Jul 2004)
July 19,
Day 16
Sand Srpings -> Mosby -> Winnett 44.5 Camping . # In Mosby, Hill Ranch Oasis Bed & Breakfast is located 2.5 mi. E. of milepost 161 and OFF ROUTE 1.7 mi. S. on gravel road, camping also available, 406-429-6801. (Jul 2004)
July 20,
Day 17
Winnett -> Grass Range -> Lewistown 53 Camping (a few options). Motels.

-Whole Famdamily Rest..
-Empire Cafe.

# In Grass Range, City Park camping area has no toilet or water available.
- Little Montana Truck Stop and Cafe has camping, 406-428-2270. (Jul 2004)

# Lewistown is served by America West airlines.
- Lewis County Courthouse = architecture.
- Central MT Museum at 408 N.E. Main.
- Very popular: Charlie Russell Chew-Choo dinner train: 56 mi. 3.5 hr. r.t. between Kingston & Denton. (Does it run on weekdays?) Not available on 7/20.
- High Plains Bike and Ski is a part time shop (4-8pm) located at 924 W. Water St. behind the owner's house. (Jul 2004)

July 21,
Day 18

Lewistown -> Denton

38.5 Camping @ City Park (Motel option).
. # In Lewistown,

July 22,
Day 19

Denton -> Ft. Benton 61.5 Camping (motel option). . # In Fort Benton, the River Break Hostel is due to open in June, 2004. It is located at 808 17th St., 622-5816.
# In Fort Benton, camping is available at the Chouteau County Fairgrounds on the W. edge of town, 406-622-5986. (Jul 2004)

July 23,
Day 20

Rest Day
Ft. Benton

. . . Lots to see here.
July 24,
Day 21
Ft. Benton -> Great Falls 43 (53 with new route)

716 2nd Ave. South
Great Falls, MT 59405

(406) 727-0107 or
c:(406) 788-6265

(Todd is our host.)



# Due to gravel roads being paved there is now better routing between Fort Benton and Great Falls which we recommend. It is 10 miles longer but has minimal traffic and much more pleasant riding.
# Westbound, on map 72, the route begins at the junction of SR 80 and Highwood Rd./CR 228, which is located just east of Fort Benton and the Missouri River bridge: *0.0(0 km)Turn right onto Highwood Rd./CR 228. Fort Benton, off route 0.3 mi. E. 15.5(25)Bend right. 20.5(33)Highwood. 26.5(43)Cross Belt Creek. Enter Cascade County. 29(47)Turn right toward Great Falls. 38.5(62)Cross Box Elder Creek. *43(69)Turn right onto SR 200/US 87/89. *46(74)Great Falls. Turn right onto 57th St. S. *47(76)Turn left onto 2nd Ave. N. *48(77)Turn right onto 38th St. N. *49(79)Turn left onto River Dr. In 0.2 mi., turn right onto Giant Springs Rd. *49.5(80)Turn right to access River's Edge Trail. Continue bearing right through tunnel under road. Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is just off route. 52(83)Rejoin route at Eagle Flats Memorial Bridge on the Great Falls Detail Map.

This looks like it could be complicated without a good state map. And because of the longer mileage, we may opt to do the original route.

Mon.or Tues.
July 25/26
Day 22/23
Fly Home . . . .

Information from "Bicycling the Lewis & Clark Trail" by Mac McCoy/Adventure Cycling Association.
Also "Traveling the Lewis & Clark Trail" by Julie Faneslow

Last updated: June 24, 2005