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Lewis & Clark Trail
Summer 2003 - VERY Short Trip Summary



A longer trip report will be forthcoming, but to cut to the chase and summarize the essence of our trip this year....

- It was hellishly hot (2 weeks of >100 deg.), horribly humid (>90%), hideously hilly (short, steep and ongoing).
- We began in St. Louis intending to go 1,000 miles to Pierre, SD, during our three weeks.
- We ended in Souix City, IA, after 750 miles.
- We saw more motel rooms and fewer campgrounds than we intended.
- We saw more of the Tour d'France than we expected
. (See above.)
- We U-Hauled our "stuff" to Pierre, SD, so that we could fly home.
- We learned quite a bit about Lewis & Clark! (The goal, of course.)
- We had our usual wonderful time in spite of Mother Nature.

And, we're ready to go again! Beginning in Sioux City and heading up the Missouri River. Summer of 2004.




Last updated: September 15, 2003.