Dodona: Barefoot girls sought answers by listening to the Quercus leaves and feeling earth vibes with their toes. But the questions are still there.

Sodom: The town wasn't big enough for Abraham and Lot. Lot got the sweet end of the deal until trouble came to paradise.

Fremont: You wouldn't trade a good meal for Kit Carson's dirty T-shirt.

Methane: Cow flatus isn't the only thing that floats around the dairy states. But something even stranger happened in 3100 BC.

Boniface: The saint won the second round with Wotan but you don't want to count on a knocked down German staying down.

Druids: In Ireland the oaks are still telling stories about the old days. And the future too, for those who can stand it.

Pliny: Wandering around Gaul he discovered what Christmas trees really are.

Spenser: Why use Agent Orange when the stuff is good for building ships?

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