The Fabulous Miss Piggy Page Has Left The Building...

The years of hosting this fan page have been fabulous, but in the best show biz tradition, it's time to pack up the costumes, tear down the scenery and head off to a new town. Always leave 'em wanting more, I say, and I'm sure Miss Piggy would heartily agree. While this site is no more, there are many other Muppet sites that you can continue to enjoy on the Web. Danny Horn's is devoted to the Muppets and is the place to find all the latest Muppet News.

Thanks to everyone out there for your support and encouragement over the years. It's been fun, gang... Oh, and to all you people who felt it necessary to address the fact that the French grammar used on this page was wrong, I would like to point out (in a gentle and demure manner) IT WAS A JOKE!!!!! SHEESH, WHAT DO YOU HAVE, SAWDUST FOR BRAINS? HOW ANYBODY COULD HAVE THOUGHT A PAGE DEVOTED TO A FOAM PIG WOULD USE CORRECT FRENCH IS BEYOND ME. GET A CLUE! Ahem. I feel much better now. It's good having Miss Piggy as a role model, you know?


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