Naming Contest Introduction

As many of you are aware, the faculty has been working to reach a consensus on a name for the Departments formerly known as Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research. I had the pleasure of announcing a Naming Contest, designed to expand our alternative set. As a result, I strongly encouraged new and innovative names, pointing a future direction for the synergy of OR and EES, rather than an extension of either predecessor. The rules of the contest were simple:


I am happy to say that there was an enthusiastic response featuring: Thank you all for your interest and support. Your suggestions were brought to the faculty meeting on Friday morning, April 19, 1996. As of this posting, a name has not yet been chosen for the department, so it is not yet possible to determine a winner.

There have been an additional 15 names submitted to me since the contest ended and I am appending them below. Note that all names submitted have been included. (Please do not regard this as an invitation to mischief.)


Unique Names Submitted to the Contest

Additional Unique Names Submitted After the Contest