Various and Sundry collections of photographs I've taken.

More and more of my photo work will migrate to my Flickr page.

The 2004 San Francisco T-Mobile International (same bike race, different year, no Lance Armstrong)

A whole lot o' photos from my August 2004 Trip to Hawai'i

59 Pics of the 2003 San Francisco T-Mobile International, presented by BMC Software (formerly known as the Grand Prix), another bike race.

Late June 2003 Trip to Yosemite. Always an enjoyable place to visit.

April 2003 Trip to South Florida (The Everglades, Key West and Miami).

April 2002 Trip to Yosemite.

May 2001 Trip to Arizona & Utah

September 2002 San Francisco Grand Prix bicycle race (yes, contains pictures of Lance Armstrong!)

September 2001 San Francisco Grand Prix bicycle race

December 1999 US Cyclocross Nationals (another bicycle race)

My friends Jon and Elisabeth's wedding

My bike page has links to pictures of my bicycles
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