The Montebello and Los Trancos OSP's

These photos were taken on the same day, as these two OSP's are across the street from each other.

A Stream in Montebello preserve, and wet shoes are surprisingly refreshing on a hot day.
(68K JPEG)

One view of a rarely-used trail in Los Trancos OSP.
(72K JPEG)

Another part of the same trail.
(90K JPEG)

The Russian Ridge OSP

These photos were taken later in the summer, when things are often quite dry. After the heavy rains of the winter (see the stream above) we've had a hot summer this year, and everything dried out.

Some of the legal single track at RROSP.
Hillsides, trails, nice skyline(84K JPEG)

The Hawk Ridge Trail, recently re-opened to bicycles.
A view of the single track(90K JPEG)

See the XO-1, the bike I rode to take these pics.

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