The XO-1 at Borel Hill(82K JPEG)

The Bridgestone XO-1, more than just a Hybrid.

The XO-1 in sunlight(46K JPEG)

Most folks deride so-called hybrid bicycles as being the worst of both worlds. The XO-1 is in many ways the best of both worlds. It handles really well on- or off-road, can take a variety of tires, and is as customizable as any off-the rack bike has any right to be. John Stamstad set two consecutive 24-hour off-road records on it.
A different pic of the bike you can no longer buy(47K JPEG)

The moustache bars were also ridden (by the same fellow) to two consecutive Ididabike victories.
mstache bars, view from my navel(27K JPEG)
Folks who can't think for themselves and only parrot the most obnoxious Mountain Bike rags will declare the bike unfit for anything. Scoff at them, I do, and pass them, I don't (but I'm out of shape).

Obligatory list o' parts, as of 12/2/96:

Frame:		Ishiwata 022 Quad-butted Chrome-moly.
Fork:		Bridgestone Super Tubing (made by Ishiwata?)
Headset:	Chris King
Stem:		Ritchey Force Road* (special high rise version for the XO-1)
Bars:		Rivendell/Nitto Moustache Bars
Tape:		Cinelli Cork, black (not as in the pics, it's a recent addition) 
Levers:		Suntour Superbe Pro, non-aero
Brakes:		Avid V in front, Dia-Compe 986* in the rear
Shifters:	Shimano bar-end, 8-speed indexed
Seatpost:	Some SR thing. Works well enough*
Saddle:		Cinelli Unicanitor #3
Cages:		TA chromed steel
FD:		Shimano XTR
RD:		Shimano 105*
BB:		Shimano Cartridge
Cranks:		Sugino, 170mm, 26-38-50
Pedals:		Look S2R Moab
Hubs:		Suntour Superbe Pro front, Shimano Ultegra rear
Cassette:	Shimano HG 12-21
Spokes:		Wheelsmith 2.0mm
Rims:		WTB 
Tires:		Panaracer Hi-Road S, 26x1.75

*=stock parts, I've done a bit of customizing.

I dug up my '93 Bridgestone catalog, and have the dimensions, as listed in the catalog, for this (52cm) bike:

Seat tube, c-t:	52cm
c-c:		50.5cm
Top Tube:	55cm
Rear Center:	42.5cm
Front Center:	58.5cm
Wheel Base:	100.5cm
BB Drop:	4.5cm
Off set:	4cm
Head Angle:	73deg
Seat Angle:	73.5deg
Trail:		54.8mm
Setback:	14.3cm
Q:		158mm
My photos of the Montebello, Los Trancos and Russian Ridge Open Space Preserves were all taken while riding the XO-1. (Actually, I stopped for most of them so I could compose, but I was riding the bike when I took the above navels-eye-view picture.)

Wanna know more about the Moustache Bars? I got a whole page on 'em, and it's become my most popular web page, go figure!

So, you say you want to buy one? There's good news and bad news. The bad news is, Bridgestone USA closed their doors in 1994, and they stopped making this model in 1993. The good news is that Rivendell Bicycle Works does make the descendant of this bike, the Atlantis (once made in Japan, now in Taiwan). Rivendell also sold the Moustache handlebar, a Dirt Drop handlebar (not as flared as the Wilderness Trail Bikes Dirt Drop, sort of in-between the WTB bar and a standard drop bar), and now sells the "Albastache" bar that's similar, and all sorts of other neat stuff.

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