The Continental Divide Cycling Adventure

(The ÷ Ride)

Stage II of IV, Montana/Wyoming


DR Trip Report Stage II, Montana/Wyoming

1998 Itinerary

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Group Gear List: 06/23/98

Update Letter #3: 06/10/98: Riders, Addresses, dr-chat list-serve information Updated: 6/10/98

Important Information! Original concept for the ride

The Nitty Gritty Facts


There are no hidden trip costs beyond:

  • your own transportation (arranged by you);

  • camping fees (we will share camping sites for efficient use of our funds); and

  • group food/fuel. (Group food costs historically have been very modest, usually about $10/day.)

  • Any restaurant meals and other personal expenses will be borne on an individual basis.

  • DATES:

    We will begin riding Monday, July 13th at 8 a.m. from Dillon, MT, and end on Sunday, August 2rd, in Jackson, WY.


    The Adventure Cycling "Great Divide Mountain Bike Route" map (Section #2) is available directly from:

    Adventure Cycling
    P.O. Box 8308
    Missoula, MT 59807
    (or call 1-800-721-8719)

    The cost for the map is $7.50 (for Adventure Cycling members) and $10.50 (non-members) plus $2.00 shipping. For your own safety, Adventure Cycling believes that it is imperative that you carry your own map (and we agree), an accurate cyclometer, and Forest visitor maps of the area (further information regarding these maps is described on the Adventure Cycling map narrative).


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