3000 BC: A Scientific Index, sorted by chronological time

Note: Years given are calendar years BC or BCE

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3300 Europe, Belgian coast; sea level
3250 Peru, Huascaran glacier; cold
3000 Global, Sea level stillstands; sea level
3200 Mesopotamia, Tigris-Euphratres; warm>>dry
3250 Global, Atmospheric methane; cold>>warm
3250 Global, Sulfate in GISP2; cold
3000 Mesopotamia, Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age; archeology
3000 Egypt, Sumerian influences on Egypt; archeology
3500 Europe, Early agriculture; archeology
4000 Mesopotamia, Sea level, Persian Gulf; sea level
3000 Louisiana, Native American mounds; archeology
2700 Mesopotamia, Gilgamesh, king of Uruk; archeology
2800 California, Summer warming,; warm
2900 Mesopotamia, Mesopotamian flood; flood
2970 Europe, Floods in Netherlands; flood
3000 California, California hunter-gath transition; archeology
3000 USA, SW, SW US flood peak; flood
3000 Europe, Wooden tracks; archeology
3000 Mesopotamia, Sumerians in Mesopotamia; archeology
3020 California, Stanford Man II; archeology
3050 Europe, Brittany coast emerges; sea level
3090 Egypt, Egypt, Nile; flood
3100 Nebraska, Republican River,; flood
3100 USA, End of alluvial period; dry>>warm
3100 Europe, Stonehenge (start); archeology
3110 China, Yangtze River; flood
3120 California, Sunnyvale girl; archeology
3150 Global, Paleoclimatic flood, global; flood
3199 Europe, Irish oaks; cold
3150 Europe, Iceman of the Alps; cold
3250 Egypt, Egypt Nile delta; sea level
3250 Europe, Piora oscillation, Europe; flood
3250 Europe, Newgrange start; archeology
3300 California, Mid Holocene wet; warm>>cold
3400 Egypt, Pharoah Sneferu at Meydum; archeology
3500 Europe, Upper treeline in alps; cold
3700 Mesopotamia, Burrows' flood,; flood
4850 California, Warmest time, (bristlecone pines,); warm