Bicycling Pictures and Other Stuff

The following pages were mostly created in the late 1990's or early 2000's, so the images are quite low resolution by modern standards.
My XO-1 (which I no longer own)
Diagrams and comments on the Moustache Bars. (Also no longer own)
Some off-road trails in the area
Some pics of the lesser travelled part of Alpine Road
My fixed gear bike. (gave it away years ago)
My 1996 Rivendell Road.
My 1998/1999 Ibis Mojo (Still own this one!)
26 pics of the 1999 Cyclocross Nationals
28 Pics of the 2001 San Francisco Grand Prix
48 Pics of the 2002 San Francisco Grand Prix
59 Pics of the 2003 San Francisco T-Mobile International, presented by BMC Software (formerly known as the Grand Prix)
44 Pics of the 2004 T-Mobile

If you ride rollers, and find them as boring as I do, check out my "Rollers Song."

Then there's my corruption of Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz," from a fixed-gear point of view.

Are you a gear chart weenie? If so, I have some Excel 98 (a.k.a. really old, so will open with any version) spreadsheets that might be of interest to you:

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