Drew W. Saunders

Prepare yourself for perhaps the world's most boring personal web page!

of Me This is what I look like first thing in the morning.


My Job at Stanford:

I work for Stanford's Networking Systems group as a Departmental Network Engineer.

Contact Information:

Drew W. Saunders
241 Panama St.
Pine Hall
Stanford, CA, 94305-4122

(650) 723-1282

Electronic Mail: Drew.Saunders@stanford.edu

Check out my resume! (I also have a boring, real resume too!)

My life outside of work:

I do a lot of bicycling, and have a bike stuff page. Mostly it's links to pages of pictures that I've taken while riding, pictures of my bicycles, plus everything you ever wanted to know about moustache handlebars.

I also used to volunteer at the Palo Alto Junior museum and Zoo. I have some old pictures of Rufus, the bobcat that lives there, from when he was very young (1995).

I also do a lot of photography. I have finally put together a page with links to some of my scanned photographs. I have created a Lens Comparison Spreadsheet, which you are welcome to download. It compares the diagonal or horizontal angle of view of 9 different film formats to allow comparison of equivalent lens focal lengths. You think that's geeky? I also own a copy of Rudolf Kingslake's "A History of the Photographic Lens", which I only barely understand, but it is interesting stuff.

As you can tell by this other picture of me, I (used to) eat too much, so I might as well put in a link to the Godiva Chocolates and Chocolatier Magazine page so other folks can indulge and I won't be alone in my gluttony. Here are recipes for Chewy Chocolate (chocolate chip) Cookies, Cheese Cake, and, for the truly adventurous (with two days to kill), Chocolate Truffles that will surely bring your figure more in line with Opus'. If you want something a bit hotter, that still contains chocolate, I have a chili recipe that you might like.

If you don't want chocolate, and are feeling a tad ancient, I have a c. 1700-year-old recipe for honeyed stuffed dates.

I've lost weight, and no longer resemble Opus (and don't make cookies quite as often, but somehow have been making a lot more cheesecakes!) Want to see the before and after pics and know how? Hint: It was simple, but not easy, so if you're looking for an easy way to lose weight without effort, sorry, it doesn't exist.

You must investigate the SPAM Haiku Archive page, and check out my entries, numbers 1723-1725, and 12141-12144. I also composed a SPAM Sonnet! (local copy with comments)

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